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Pedestrian Files $1M Lawsuit Against a CitiBike Rider in NYC

According to the New York Post, a Manhattan pedestrian is filing a lawsuit against a CitiBike rider for $1 million after the bike rider crashed into him while riding through town. The pedestrian is an Upper East Side entrepreneur who says he was walking towards his parked car when he was hit by the bike rider.

The CitiBike riders often wear helmets and vests to protect themselves from injury, but the plaintiff says that that did nothing to help him avoid the injuries he suffered after the collision. The Manhattan Supreme Court Suit claims that the biker was pedaling the wrong way down a one-way street on the bike-share ride. The pedestrian alleges that the individual was operating the CitiBike with wanton disregard for pedestrians.

The plaintiff was hospitalized after the accident with a lacerated wrist, bruises, and a severe contusion to his left jaw. He still suffers from TMJ, a painful disorder. He believes that this disorder is permanently connected with the accident. The victim says that the CitiBike rider was not compassionate after the wreck.

The city was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, but it was recently served with notices that two other New Yorkers intend to sue for injuries that occurred when they tripped over various CitiBike docking stations throughout Manhattan. Building owners and neighborhood groups have also file lawsuits against the city because they are unhappy with the placement of the CitiBike racks.

CitiBikes is a privately owned, public bicycle sharing system. Essentially, the bikes are unlocked at the station for a $101 security deposit. As soon as the bike is put back into a docking station, the deposit is refunded to the user. Some pass holders can ride CitiBikes by typing in a code at the station. They are an ideal solution for quick trips around New York City.