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Lawsuits for Flight 3407 Crash Headed to Trial

According to the Buffalo, New York News, the trial over the tragic Flight 3407 crash is set to begin in several months. Most of the original 47 federal suits have been settled, and if a trial is held the families of the crash victims are expected to base much of their case on the evidence that the pilot was not property trained. There are e-mails, documents, and testimonies which show that the individual may not have been trained adequately to fly the plane. The National Transportation Safety Board has officially identified pilot error as the cause of the accident.

Reports show that the wrongful death claims as a result of the accident are being settled one by one and the court is also determining who can and cannot testify in these cases. Flight 3407 took place more than four years ago, but the 50 people who died in the crash left behind bereaved families that are still seeking compensation as a result of the accident. A trial is still months away, and jury selection is slotted to begin on March 4th, 2014.

The civil suits against Colgan Air and Continental Airlines date back to 2009. Since the accident, the airline has been in and out of bankruptcy, changed its name to Endeavor Airlines, moved its headquarters and become a subsidiary of Delta Airlines. Most of the lawsuits blaming the crash on pilot error have already been settled and many of them have ended in seven-figure settlements from the airline.

According to reports, 39 of the original 47 lawsuits have already been resolved. If you lost a loved in an aviation accident or another devastating accident, then you have the right to seek compensation. Even if the event took place years ago, you may still be able to litigate today! Contact a New York personal injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein to learn more!