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Greenberg & Stein Brings Justice to Queens

On Friday, December 11, 2015, a jury of Queens citizens brought justice to one of our clients.

The client had been injured due to slipping and falling on water leaking from the HVAC system in Elmhurst Hospital. She sustained injuries that at first she hoped were minor, but progressively got worse over time.

Scott Steinberg presented the client’s case to the citizens of Queens and those jurors spoke loudly and clearly.  The public will not tolerate owners of property not taking responsibility for their buildings.  Mr. Steinberg showed the Jury how the injuries that the client had sustained, which resulted in a knee replacement surgery, a fusion of the vertebrae in her lower back and three separate surgeries to implant electric stimulators into her spine, had ruined this poor client’s life.

Slip and Fall Justice

Hopefully, this Jury’s decision, which directed the defendant to make up for the harms suffered by the client, by ordering the defendant to pay $5,483,200.00, will also force the Defendant to take better care of their building(s) so no one else has to suffer the way this client does to this day.

Mr. Steinberg did a great job for this client but so did the jury.  Mr. Steinberg and Greenberg & Stein would like to thank the citizens of Queens for their efforts and understanding on behalf of our client.