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Elder Care Law NYC

Have you noticed strange bruises, a withdrawn or skittish loved one? Maybe your elderly parent seems to be receiving poor medical or living assistance even though they have been pouring more and more financial resources into their facility. These could be signs that your parent is being abused by someone in their assisted living facility. Here at the law office of Greenberg& Stein, we understand your concern for your loved one, and we are here to fight for elder care law NYC! It’s important to remember you are not crazy to feel concerned or alone in your struggle. We are here to help you take a stand.

Greenberg & Stein win cases of elder care law NYC.

What are the different types of nursing home abuse, and what are the warning signs for elder care law of NYC?

  • Emotional Abuse: This is one of the hardest types of abuse to pinpoint and prove which is why it is crucial to seek legal counsel for reinforcement and information on how to proceed. Emotional abuse takes many forms such as humiliating, yelling, or intimidating the patient. It can also be a direct result of ignoring their needs, blaming for small incidents, and isolating them from friends and loved ones. Signs to be aware of include: withdrawal, mumbling, changes in behavior. This can equally debilitating as other types of abuse.
  • Financial Abuse: A trusted individual takes advantage of a person’s elderliness by stealing their property, identity, or information for the purpose of withdrawing money from their bank account. This could be a staff member or nursing home attendant who maliciously persuades your loved one to give information or change a will to benefit the caretaker. Signs of financial abuse: frequent withdrawal from bank account, revision of will, missing property, etc.
  • Physical Abuse: Physical abuse generally takes place in understaffed, underpaid facilities which short-tempered employees. Signs of physical abuse: malnutrition, dehydration, bed sores, preventable accidents, subpar sanitation
  • Sexual Abuse: Lastly, one of the most traumatizing forms of abuse is when sexual predators prey on elderly patients in nursing homes. Many nursing home patients have mental or physical impairments that make it difficult to remember, properly defend themselves, or even give consent. Signs of sexual abuse: Genital bleeding, brushing on breast or thighs, withdrawal/depression, pain when sitting, blood on linens, etc. While it’s painful to imagine such horrible things can happen, it’s important to fight back and seek justice with elder care law NYC from Greenberg & Stein!

To learn more about types of nursing home abuse and resources to contact visit the American Psychological Association.

Seeking Legal Help and Knowledge about Elder Care Law NYC is the Right Thing for You and Your Family

If you have a vulnerable parent in need of legal counsel, you are in the right place. They have the right to proper elder care, and any facility that does not comply must be held accountable.

While we know how horrible and hopeless you might feel after acknowledging that your loved one has been victimized, it’s important to remember you are not alone. Millions have been settled with nursing homes around the country due to improper care or abuse. Our team will work tirelessly to receive the just compensation on behalf of your loved one. Learn more about nursing home court cases.

When in Doubt, Seek Help for Elder Care Law NYC

Follow the simple acronym to figure out what to do if you notice any of the abuse signs mentioned above. 

A- Ask for help

D- Decide to take action

V- Voice your concerns to Greenberg & Stein

O- Observe warning signs

C- Contact the police and other resources

A- Acknowledge you’re not alone in this fight

T- Trust your gut

E- Engage in positive ways to protect your loved one

As you can see above, Greenberg & Stein want to be your advocate in fighting this gross injustice.

How Greenberg & Stein Can Help with Elder Care Law NYC Today!

If you know someone is suffering, don’t wait to call a New York City nursing home abuse attorney at Greenberg & Stein. Where there is an abuse of power at the hands of a vulnerable loved one, we will be there to fight for maximum compensation on behalf of your family. The sooner you call, the sooner we can review your circumstances, advise you on what to do, and begin building a case.

The personal injury lawyers at Greenberg & Stein have over 50 years of litigation experience in New York City. With all of that professional experience, we know how to craft unique strategies to aggressively fight for proper elder care laws. We are known for winning difficult cases, and customer service is our top priority.

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