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Connect With Greenberg & Stein Using Social Media

If you are considering Greenberg & Stein to represent you in court or against an insurance company, then you want to get to know them well. Whether you were injured in a premises liability accident, school accident, or car accident, you want an attorney that you can trust and rely on to help you. Even if you have not chosen Greenberg & Stein to represent you in your New York City case, you want valuable information before you start litigation in any personal injury case. That’s why we want to provide you with all the information we can using social media sites. Each of our attorneys is listed on Avvo so that you can learn more about who they are and how they are esteemed in New York City for their legal knowledge. Seth M. Greenberg, Scott Steinberg, Melissa Baum, Ian Asch, and Joshua Stein are the five attorneys that make up this firm and all have featured profiles on Avvo in order to help others to get to know them better.

As a collective whole, the firm has created an informative and helpful Facebook page that could prove to be a valuable resource for you. If you like this Facebook page, then Greenberg & Stein’s regular personal injury updates will show up on your news feed. This may include announcements about product recalls or new steps in personal injury law that are important to keep in mind. They will also post tips on how to negotiate with insurance companies or how to know if another party is at fault of an automobile accident. The Facebook page also features news articles about important cases going on in the United States at present. Presently, many of these news updates have to do with Hurricane Sandy and the aftermath of that terrible disaster.

In addition to our Facebook, the firm has also created a helpful Google+ page. We have a firm page which is filled with important information about the lawyers at Greenberg & Stein. As well, Seth M, Greenberg keeps his own page, so you can feel free to add him as well for double the valuable information. If you want to enhance your knowledge of personal injury law in New York even more, it is highly recommended that you start following us on Twitter. We update our Twitter on a regular basis and talk about current insurance trends, news articles, and other important things to keep in mind. For example, we have been following stories on SUM insurance. We also report on many car accidents that occur in NYC. Whether you are a client seeking more information or a curious web browser seeking answers about personal injury questions, take advantage of the social media accounts that Greenberg & Stein has set up for your enjoyment!