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5 of the most common types of defective products

You have certain rights as a consumer when you purchase a product in the United States, and the most fundamental right is that you will be safe while using it. It is important to remember that product manufacturers, designers, and even distributors are all legally obligated to ensure that any product released into the market does not pose an unreasonable risk of injury to consumers.

While there are many ways a consumer could be injured by a product, that does not necessarily mean they are dangerous products. Legal claims related to defective products usually involve some sort of inherent defect in the design, a manufacturing error that occurred during assembly, or due to marketing misrepresentation or a failure to warn about potential dangers.

Defective product cases can involve just about any good or item that is sold to consumers, but there are, however, a few industries which are involved in the majority of legal claims and settlements. The fact is, some products like pillows or mailboxes, even when flawed, are not likely to cause any harm. Whereas products like vehicles, industrial equipment, chemicals, medical devices, or even children’s toys, do pose a risk of serious injury if they are not designed or manufactured properly.

Children’s toys have been subject to many lawsuits over the years, particularly those toy makers who design products which are easily swallowed by small children and create a choking hazard. There have also been cases of toys being made with hazardous paint or other potentially dangerous substances which may cause long-term health complications.

Medical devices and pharmaceuticals represent another common industry within defective product cases, as many thousands or hundreds of thousands of people may use these treatments before the risks are fully understood. There have been many cases over the years, ranging from hip implants causing Metallosis to pharmaceuticals causing permanent hair loss.

Auto manufacturers are another common source of defective product claims because cars and automobiles have become such an integral part of our lives, but there is still plenty that can go wrong in the design and manufacturing, which can have deadly consequences. There have been cases involving poorly designed SUVs which were top-heavy and prone to flipping over, airbags which posed a hazard to occupants, or even defective tires which have caused accidents.

Chemicals or other dangerous materials have caused a great deal of harm and injury across a wide range of industries. A few notable instances are the Roundup Ready Weedkiller, which has been known to cause cancer, asbestos used in auto manufacturing and other industrial applications which caused Mesothelioma, or the formerly widespread use of lead paint.

Finally, industrial equipment is another a common cause of defective product claims, which can cause serious injury to many people on a busy job site if they fail due to poor manufacturing. This could range from a crane collapse to something as simple as a poorly designed ladder or a saw without a proper guard.

Some people think that product liability claims are a clever get rich quick scheme, but when you see the amount of pain, suffering, injury, or even death that can be caused by a poorly designed or manufactured product, then you realize that it is important that companies be held accountable for negligence when it puts others in danger.

If you or your loved one has suffered injuries because of a defective product, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses, and doing so may prevent others from suffering the same unfortunate injury. At Greenberg & Stein, our attorneys are very familiar with each of these common defective products and the intricate details related to filing a successful product liability claim.

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