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Chinese School Bus Falls of Cliff: 4 Victims Killed

Parents rely heavily on buses to transport their children to and from school. Whether it is because they have to go to work and are unable to take the kids to school, or they don’t have an extra family car, or it is just more convenient, whatever the case may be school buses are a very important of the school system all over the world. Sadly, in China just this week a school bus was traveling Thursday afternoon when that Chinese school falls of cliff. According to reports, the bus was carrying 46 passengers, and the incident killed 4 people and injured another 40 of them.

Investigators state that the accident not only occurred because of faulty brakes on the bus, but also because of poor driving as well. The bus was taking home students from local junior college and it is said to have fallen almost 98 feet off of the cliff. The local authorities discovered the bus upside down at the bottom of the cliff where they found two victims who were dead at the scene. The other survivors were rushed to the hospital immediately and another two died while receiving treatments. Eight of the survivors were taken under critical conditions, but it is reported that they are on their way to a healthy recovery.

At this point the investigators are uncertain as to whether they should blame the brakes or the driver’s poor management of the bus. The 42 year old driver is said to have been one of those in critical condition who are now feeling better, and while he is in the hospital the place have him under custody. While this accident may have happened around the world, tragedies like this can occur anywhere. It is the responsibility of the bus driver to keep the children as safe as possible, and when the brakes malfunction and the driving is poor, lives can be placed at risk, and even worse they can be lost.

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