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Baseball Injuries in New York City

New York takes pride in their baseball teams, but recently there have been some terrible child injuries and deaths related to baseball across the United States. In California, a teenager died after being struck by a softball this past week. According to ABC News, the teen was struck by a softball to the chest, inflicting blunt force trauma that sent a child into cardiac arrest and eventually killed him.

Physicians say that baseball injuries like this one aren’t too common, but sometimes the energy of a ball can send a child into cardiac arrest. According to reports the baseball hit the child over the heart, triggering an electrical reaction that caused the child’s heart to stop. The teenager who was killed in this incident was playing with classmates during a physical education class when he was hit in the chest. Originally, the teenager seemed to shake of the incident. It wasn’t until about 20 minutes later that the boy dropped to the ground when he experienced cardiac complications.

Another boy in California, an 8-year-old, was also hit by a baseball this weekend when he was playing with his friends at a local park. The child stopped breathing and had no pulse after the ball hit him in the chest. He was on the ground without a pulse when the emergency crews arrived, but thankfully the child was able to recover after a defibrillator was used to revive him. He was taken to hospital after this and issued medical treatment but he is now in stable condition.

Both of these incidents that occurred over the weekend point to the fact that sometimes baseball can be a dangerous sport. If you or your child was severely injured or killed during a baseball game, then you may have the right to seek compensation from a party at fault. Talk to a New York City personal injury lawyer at Greenberg & Stein today if you want more information about litigation in injuries like these ones.