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4 Common Injuries that Happen on the NYC Subway

Millions of New Yorkers ride the subway every day. While most subway riders get through their day without incident, there are still thousands of injuries every year across the subway system. While many of these injuries are relatively minor and often go unreported or may involve a slip and fall while you’re on the train, more serious injuries happen at an alarming frequency. If you or a loved one is injured while riding the subway in New York City, you should seek out a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable Manhattan subway injury attorney.

The four most common types of injuries you may suffer while riding a NYC subway are:

Broken Bones

If the subway train suddenly jerks, or you slip or trip and fall, broken bones can often be the result. The elderly and children are more susceptible to broken bones on the subway. In many cases, broken bones require surgery to make sure the bones can heal appropriately. A sudden fall caused by a NYC subway accident could cause you to suffer from broken wrists, a broken pelvis, broken tailbones, fractured arms or legs, and other serious injuries.

Head Injuries Hard blows to your head may occur if the subway train jolts suddenly and you fall or bang your head into a wall or window. You may suffer a concussion, or in more serious cases, a traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries are extremely serious and could leave you with permanent damage such as memory issues, changes in your personality, and/or motor control problems. Head and brain injuries may require you to have ongoing therapy, medical treatment, and specialized nursing care.

Back Injuries

Many injuries occur when the subway train jolts, or when there is an icy or wet surface in the subway system, causing slip and falls. When these incidents happen, you may find it hard to control your landing. If you fall on your back, serious injuries could occur to your back or spine. Falling hard can fracture your spine, cause the tissue between the bones in your back to become herniated, or your entire vertebrae could be forced out of alignment. You may experience loss of control, numbness, and/or a pins-and-needles feeling as a result.

Falling onto the Tracks

Many people believe that if someone falls onto the subway tracks, they are attempting to commit suicide, however, statistics show that most of the falls onto the tracks are completely accidental and often results in major injuries. Falls onto the tracks can be long, and long falls often cause you to suffer injuries to your face, head, spine, and back. Additionally, if you fall onto or otherwise come into contact with the third rail or an exposed power coupling, you could receive even more serious injuries, including death, caused by the high electrical current. In many cases, falling onto the tracks is fatal. Also, sometimes the driver of the train or the station operator is not paying attention and fail to stop the train before it hits the person who fell on the tracks.

The subway is an integral part of life in New York City, but it is also a place of potential harm and injury where you should always be alert to prevent injury to yourself or someone in your care.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the NYC subway system, then it is critical that you contact an experienced subway injury attorney as soon as possible following the accident in order to receive compensation for the financial hardships posed by mounting medical bills and lost wages.

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