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3 Major Injuries Caused by Animal Attacks

Thankfully, New York City isn’t a place where you have to be worried about wild animals like bears, mountain lions, or even sharks. But that doesn’t mean that New Yorkers haven’t suffered from major injuries caused by animal attacks. Indeed, the main risk of animal attacks in New York City is the danger posed by domestic dogs that injure thousands of people across the city every year, sometimes with severe or even deadly consequences.

A dog bite can happen at any time, at any place and by any dog breed. While many people associate serious dog bites with pit bulls or other large breeds, any dog attack or bite can cause serious harm. It is very common for people to receive a number of different injuries to their hands, arms and face while fending off a dog attack, but these are the three most common major injuries caused by a dog bite:


Even for relatively minor dog bites, the potential for a serious infection is extremely high. Dogs inoculate bacteria deep into the tissue and most bite victims suffer from some sort of infection. Common bacteria involved in such infections include Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and Pasteurella. It goes without saying that any infected injury poses serious risks to the victim.

Skin Damage

In any dog bite or animal attack, it is easy to look at the skin and see the damage caused during the incident. Most often victims are preoccupied with the cosmetic look of the injury, how it might heal, and whether there may be associated scarring. Stitches may be used to ensure that scarring is minimized, however, closing the wound often increases the odds of infection following a dog bite. It is important to balance the risk of infection versus the benefit of a better-looking scar. Frequently, wounds on the face may be sutured, while those on less noticeable parts of the body may be left to heal on their own.

Underlying Damage

Dog bites are not limited to the possibility of infection and the cosmetic damage to the skin. Indeed, the ferocious nature of some dog attacks may cause severe underlying damage to the tissue, muscle, nerves, bones, or tendons. While a bite to the hand may cause some disconcerting external damage, the main focus should be whether there was any internal damage that could have, for example, injured a tendon which would prevent a finger from moving.

As you can see, even relatively minor dog bites can be extremely dangerous and lead to additional health problems or complications in the future. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite to your face or body, you should immediately seek medical attention. It is also important to realize that there are laws in the state of New York that protect you in the event of a dog bite or animal attack, and that you are entitled to recover your damages due to medical expenses and other financial losses.

NYC Dog Owner Liability and Compensation

Laws in the state of New York that protect people against dog bites and attacks fall under the New York Agriculture & Markets Code, Section 123. This code addresses a dog owner’s potential civil liability when the owner’s dog injures another person in an attack or bite incident and even covers non-bite injuries such as when a dog knocks a person to the ground.

It is important to understand that under New York law, dog owners are strictly liable for the medical costs when their animal bites another person. Cases involving demands for personal injury damages need to prove that the dog is vicious and that the owner knew or should have known about the animal’s dangerous behavior. A personal injury attorney experienced in dog bites can discuss how the law can be applied in your case.

Help from a Dog Bite Attorney

At the law offices of Greenberg & Stein, dog bite cases are taken very seriously. We understand the trauma and physical pain a dog bite or attack can cause. Our dog bite attorneys work as your advocates to make sure that you receive all the compensation that you deserve. We are especially sensitive to children and those who have suffered very serious injuries as we know that the path to recovery will take time and will need appropriate financial resources.

Every dog bite case is different and requires a personalized approach and investigation. The experienced dog bite lawyers at Greenberg & Stein have more than 75 years of combined experience and will fight to ensure you receive the compensation you need.

We offer free, 24/7 legal consultations and can walk you through what legal options and recourse are available to you following a dog bite in New York City. Contact us today at 888-411-3966.