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5 Common Accidents that Happen at School

School's 5 Common Accidents
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The number of injuries suffered by children while they’re in school is on the rise. Many times, these injuries are normal accidents that couldn’t be avoided, but there are also injuries that occur due to fault or negligence of the teachers, the school administration, or the janitorial staff and it’s up to the school district and the administrators to reduce the risk of child injury whenever and wherever possible in New York City schools.

The 5 most common types of accidents that cause child injuries are listed below.

Slips, Falls, and Trips

According to recent statistics, 55% of all major accidents in schools are caused by slips, falls, and trips. The most common place for these types of accidents to take place are in the corridors, playgrounds, and stairs of the school. Additionally, a child injury can occur in the classroom due to backpacks being left in an aisle way, cables to TV’s and computers not being properly secured, among other circumstances.

While some slips, falls, and trips may be hard to avoid, many of these school accidents could be prevented in New York City schools by simple proactive or preventative efforts.

If your child has suffered injuries due to a slip, fall, or trip in their New York City school, you should contact a NYC injury attorney on your child’s behalf to assist you with your claim.

Sports Injuries

Just by their very nature, playing sports often leads to many child injuries at school. This risk is increased, however, in New York City schools due to the high number of students, the level of supervision required, and the often-deteriorating quality of the provided equipment.

The risk of child injury due to a sports related school accident could be reduced if they New York City school districts provided up-to-date or quality equipment, properly trained staff, and a high level of supervision during school sporting events.

Playground Injuries

Many school accidents leading to child injuries are on the playground during recess. The majority of these accidents are caused by lack of proper adult supervision, poorly maintained playground and playground equipment, and/or faulty or broken playground equipment.

School Bus Accidents

In New York City, many children are injured in school bus accidents due to driver error, poorly trained bus drivers, improperly maintained and/or faulty school buses, or because the driver of another vehicle was negligent and crashed into your child’s NYC school bus causing them to be injured.

What to Do If Your Child Was Injured in A New York City School

The courts in the state of New York have placed an obligation, or duty of care, on school administrators and teachers. This duty of care means that your child’s school must do everything that is reasonable to prevent an accident that causes injury, harm, or death to the children under their supervision.

New York City school authorities must repair and/or eliminate any dangerous conditions or equipment in a timely manner and make sure that all students receive proper supervision while on school grounds, on school buses, and while they are at school for extracurricular activities like sports.

School injuries can occur in many different ways and for a variety of different reasons, but the most important thing is to speak to a New York City school injury lawyer as soon as possible following the accident since you can claim for an accident at school in New York. Our team of experienced lawyers at Greenberg & Stein can help you if your child has been injured in a New York City school, regardless of whether it is public or private.

While every school injury case is unique, you can be assured that our team will explore all legal options available in order to ensure that your family receives a fair and just compensation if your child has been injured at school.

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