The Four Most Important Steps to Take After a Construction Accident

A study conducted by the Insurance Research Council in 1999 concluded that settlements were 3.5 times larger for individuals who made the decision to seek professional legal assistance

If you or someone you know has been involved in a construction accident that could mean a huge difference in the final settlement. Follow these four steps and you will be making a prudent and mindful start to what can be a very difficult process to undergo alone.

Greenberg & Stein are here for you after your construction accident in New York City.
  1. Know what kind of construction accident you were involved in

Some of the most common construction accidents are falls (40.63% of all construction accidents in New York City), falling objects (24.22%), scaffolding (5.47%), machinery (3.91%) and excavation accidents (3.4%).

Construction accidents are some of the most fatal as workers can get caught between equipment, electrocuted, struck by heavy objects such as cranes or wrecking balls. There are forklift accidents, welding accidents, gas explosions.

Perhaps you were the victim of a faulty safety inspection, unsafe conditions on the job site, or equipment that was not been calibrated and past due its inspection date?

There are over one hundred thousand construction workers in the Five Burroughs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Greenberg & Stein have more than five decades of experience and have the knowledge to assess what kind of injury you have and how to pursue the best settlement on your behalf.

  1. Empower yourself about your construction accident

Rest assured the insurance company you are making your claim against have spent millions of dollars assembling the right legal team. Their legal team will have the experience and knowledge of the laws involved in a construction accident and will quickly gain the advantage over someone who does not have the time or energy to spend on learning the intricacies of the law. Avoid the frustration. Contact a representative at Greenberg & Stein and ask to speak with a construction accident attorney and put our 50 years of experience and success in managing high value settlements to work for you.

  1. Start the process

Our lawyers will visit you in your home or in the hospital to begin the assessment process and make a determination of what your settlement might be worth.

Our team will immediately begin investigating the details of your accident. Where it occurred, the conditions under which you were working, etc. After gathering all the information, we assemble the evidence and file your construction accident claim.

  1. Take action on your construction accident

Now that you have the construction accident professionals at Greenberg & Stein working on your behalf, taking action by organizing yourself will make for good litigation.

Organize your documentation of the construction accident you were involved with from the very beginning. Were there emails send back and forth regarding questionable safety practices or equipment? Those are the kinds of documents you want to start cataloguing now. Photographs, medical records, texts … anything that pertains to your case will be beneficial to your construction accident attorney.

Our construction accident attorneys successfully secured a $5,483,200 settlement for a Queens’ resident in December 2015. Our client’s injuries shortly after the accident seemed insignificant, but over time became more severe. A simple slip on some water at a local hospital resulted in a total knee replacement surgery, a fusion of the vertebrae in her lower back, and three additional surgical implant surgeries to place electrical stimulators in her spine.

Our client took the necessary steps and received the settlement she deserved thanks to the dedicated team of construction accident attorneys at Greenberg & Stein.

Some individuals think that by handling the case themselves they might save on legal costs. But in fact, the opposite is true. Do you really have the time to become deeply experienced about the ins and outs of construction accident law in a short amount of time? The insurance company you are making your claim against has teams of seasoned attorneys that are using their full knowledge of construction accident law against you.

Follow the four steps; Know what kind of accident you were involved in and empower yourself by letting the construction accident attorneys at Greenberg & Stein handle the challenges ahead for you. Be aware of what the process is and help by answering any questions your construction attorney might have for you. Your attention to detail will help in the investigation and evidence gathering. And lastly, take action by organizing all pertinent documents, emails, pictures or medical records, related to your construction accident immediately.

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