What must I prove in order to win my pedestrian accident case?

What information do I need in order to prove my New York pedestrian accident case?

Getting struck by a car as a pedestrian can be one of the scariest things that happens to somebody in their entire life and the hardest thing to do is think straight. But it’s important that when you’re struck by a car that you keep a number of things in your mind.

The first is obtain the identification whether it be the license plate number or the driver’s license or the driver’s information of the car that hit you. The second is to make sure that the police are called and that the driver doesn’t leave the scene of the accident. The third is to, if you can, if your injuries aren’t that severe, that you request the names of anybody who saw the accident, and that can give you their name and their address, and are willing to come and testify for you if you need them.

Once that’s done, your medical care is obviously the most important thing, and you should seek medical care and make sure you’re okay, and if you are not okay, contact the lawyer who is experienced in these types of cases and can fill in the gaps of the evidence that you may have missed.

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