An Introduction to Greenberg & Stein


An Introduction to Greenberg & Stein

Attorney Joshua Stein – “Personal Injury Law is really the most basic way that you can help people deal with problems that arise in their lives. It’s a very common problem that arises, people getting injured in accidents that are other people’s fault. These are people that have been working, these are people that have been taking care of their kids. These are people that have been taking care of their lives in a certain way and then something happens to them and they’re put in a position where their normal, everyday routine has been disrupted by somebody else hurting them.”

Attorney Seth Greenberg – “Essentially, I want to help people. Help people who can’t help themselves. We have clients who have sustained serious injuries and have no idea what the laws are. It’s our job to guide them through the process. First of all, we are a very aggressive firm. We prepare every case as if it’s going to trial. We have a no nonsense approach, we don’t deal with insurance carriers and defendants who want to play games. We cut them off and don’t deal with that type of nonsense. We’re also very client orient. We respond to phone calls and any type of communication we receive from clients on an expedited basis. We believe the clients are an integral part of our job and we want to respond to their needs and their questions as quickly as we can.”

Attorney Joshua Stein – “We personally oversee the parts of the case that can help you feel less scared or less nervous about the outcome because your life is a little bit better in between. Seeing the client from that point and taking them through to the end where they feel some relief and they ok that they’ve got some money. If it’s a little money because it’s not a very big injury or big accident or a lot of money because it is (a big accident) and the person can never work again. Seeing the relief on their face and the sense of justice that they feel is really the most rewarding thing.”

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