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Greenberg & Stein Featured in New York Magazine

In July 2016, personal injury lawyers of New York City, Greenberg & Stein, was featured in New York Magazine for their successful lawsuit wins in personal injury, construction accidents and slip and fall cases.

At Greenberg & Stein, the attorneys have a long history of protecting and vindicating the rights of people whose lives were devastated in preventable accidents. Combined, they bring more than five decades of litigation experience to the practice; and, as firm president and founding partner Seth Greenberg notes, this experience has proved vital in pursuing justice for injured clients.

“We know what information will compel insurance companies to pay a fair settlement, and we are skilled at using the most effective strategies to negotiate with adjusters and claims representatives,” he says. “Most importantly, every case we present is fully prepared for trial, allowing us to take claims to court if insurance companies fail to offer fair settlements.”

Greenberg & Stein are featured in New York Magazine for their successful work in personal injury law.

Over its history, the firm has successfully represented clients in personal injury cases ranging from construction and auto accidents to slip-and-falls and wrongful death matters. Its attorneys are particularly well known for their staunch advocacy on behalf of construction workers and others injured while working. As part of its practice, the firm helps to ensure that clients obtain workers’ compensation and/or No-Fault benefits, so that all medical bills are paid and money still comes into the household while the client— who is often the only family breadwinner—cannot work.

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