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STUDY: Children’s Eye Injuries Peak in the Summertime

Experts say that children come to the emergency room with more eye injuries in the summer then in any other time of the year. This is partially because so many youngsters are busy in swimming pools at this time. One professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham says that eye injuries begin to rise in May and June, and then peak in July. They decline throughout August and then fall off during September when school resumes.

One of the most common reasons for eye injuries is because of the pool chemicals that are used in many public swimming pools in the area. Children often like to swim with their eyes open, and the strong chemicals can cause serious injuries.

Professors and doctors say that parents can reduce the possibility of a swim injury by making sure that their kids use goggles or swim masks when in the pool. If your children are commonly swimming in your private pool or in a pool where you have control over the maintenance, it is important to make sure that the water has an appropriate pH level.

In addition to chemical burn eye injuries, some children head to the emergency room because of impact to the eye. When swimming, other children in the pool may kick a child in the eye unintentionally or children can be hit by pool toys.

Sometimes, impact injuries can result in a loss of vision or full blindness, so you will want to take your child to the emergency room immediately if he or she is harmed in this way. Another common reason for children’s eye injuries is household chemicals.

Young children may touch these chemicals and then touch their eyes or spray the chemical onto their face. These strong chemicals can also burn the eyes and lead to blindness. If you want more information contact a New York City personal injury attorney today! Remember, children’s eye injuries peak in the summertime.