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Have you been experiencing problems with your prescription drugs or medical devices? Has this caused you to lose sleep, negatively impacted your work, and inhibited your overall health and happiness?

prescription drug liability lawyers
Greenberg & Stein prescription drug liability lawyers of New York City.

When you start experiencing adverse side effects from any over-the-counter or prescription drug, it is important to seek out legal representation as early as possible. Here at Greenberg & Stein, we understand the anger, frustration, and hopelessness you may feel when it comes to this case.

This is why we will work tirelessly to help you receive reparations for your injuries. Remember, you have legal rights, and seeking legal counsel in the best course of action. Once we are able to assess the situation, we can see whether your injuries justify legal action. Regardless of the circumstances, we want to help you pursue financial compensation for your injuries.

Prescription Drug Liability Lawyers of NYC

Selecting the right legal representation for your case is key to your overall success. It could be the difference of receiving your full compensation or potentially having your case denied. This is where the New York City personal injury and prescription drug liability lawyers at Greenberg & Stein come in to help your endeavor.

Together, the team at Greenberg & Stein have over 50 years of litigation experience as New York City personal injury lawyers. With that combined experience, we know how to aggressively pursue your claim with skilled and unique strategies for each individual case. One of our attorneys has even earned membership in the highly regarded Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum which is awarded to less that 1% of lawyers throughout the country.

Benefits of allowing our prescription drug liability lawyers represent you:

  • We are known for winning difficult cases
  • Customer service is top priority
  • You meet directly with an attorney
  • Answering questions and giving updates on your case, etc.

Overall, enlisting help from our law firm sends a message that you are prepared to fight for your full financial compensation for your pain and suffering. If you are considering a personal injury claim to pursue compensation for your injuries, contact our firm today and let us be your legal advocate!

Take a stand with a Prescription Drug Liability Lawyer Who Knows the Law

Since the FDA is constantly evaluating and promoting the newest drug on the market, the risk of error increases. This is where people slip through the cracks and these harmful side effects can claim the lives of too many innocent individuals.

Drug makers and manufacturers have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their products. However, manufacturer negligence and flaws in the approval process have exposed millions to hidden risks. A special area of law, known as product liability, is how we handle drug lawsuits. 

Product Liability

There are three main product liability claims that usually arise.

  • Design defect: These specific cases are where it was possible to for see a product would cause      injury due to its design. Injury could be avoided or reduced by having the manufacturer change the process in which it is made.
  • Marketing defect: A marketing defect case is focused on how the manufacturers or others gave inadequate instructions or warnings that failed to warn consumers about a product’s predictable risks.
  • Manufacturing defects: Finally, the last major product liability claim deals with a mistake made during the manufacturing of the product. This mistake is what leads to the potentially dangerous product defect.

After reviewing the possible product liabilities and prescription drug liability cases we serve, take a moment to review our current list of common defective dangerous drugs to see if your prescription or over the counter medicine is listed.

Further more, it’s important to know that major lawsuits against drug companies have tried and won. A great example of this is the drug Avandia. According to, GlaxoSmithKline paid $460 million in 2010 to settle 10,000 lawsuits that stated the company hid heart risks associated with this particular diabetes drug.

If you are considering a personal injury claim to pursue compensation for your injuries, contact our firm today and let us be your legal advocate!

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