Negligent Security


If you were injured on a property as the result of a property owner’s negligent security, you could be entitled to damages. Negligent security is often grounds for cases against a variety of institutions, including, but not limited to, the following:

~Hotels                       ~Places of residence  ~Restaurants / fast food joints    ~Sports stadiums

~Nightclubs / bars    ~Banks / ATMs             ~College campuses                      ~Movie theaters

~Office buildings        ~Theme parks            ~Public swimming pools               ~Hospitals

~Schools                    ~Gas stations              ~Shopping malls                           ~Nursing homes

If you were the victim of arape, assault or robbery which occurred because of inadequate parking lot surveillance, inadequate locks, inadequate lighting or so forth, you could be able to file a lawsuit on the basis of negligent security. As such, you will need a lawyer for your premises liability case, and a New York City personal injury attorney is here to help.

How can a New York City premises liability lawyer help?

If a security company did not maintain its rounds or provide enough security officers, or if security officers were inattentive while on the job, the security company itself can be held responsible for any incident that occurs.

Our New York City personal injury attorneys can help you determine:

  • If sufficient security plans and measures were in place
  • If the security officers had the necessary qualifications, training and experience
  • If the appropriate security equipment was used
  • If the owner helped develop a comprehensive security program and if that plan was managed competently

A premises liability attorney can help you gather witness statements, police reports, physical evidence and help you take photographs of the scene. The attorney can then review all “911” calls to the property to determine if the property has a troubled history. An attorney can also find out if the defendant or property was ever the subject of a similar case.

Typically, residents of City of New York have only 90 days after an accident to take legal action, so acting quickly is of great importance. Contact Greenberg and Stein, P.C. today

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