Sexual Abuse


Sexual abuse in the nursing home setting is often traumatizing, creating mental, physical, and emotional anguish for the victim. It can be easy for sexual predators to prey on elderly individuals who inhabit nursing home facilities because many of these individuals suffer from physical and mental impairments that inhibit them from fighting back. For example, a nursing home resident who suffers from dementia could have difficulty remembering the assault; he or she could also find it difficult to find the right words to express the mistreatment to someone else.

How to Recognize the Signs

Recognizing the signs of sexual abuse can be difficult, particularly because most families leave their elderly loved ones at these facilities in good faith that they will be well cared for. From staff members to other patients at the nursing home, anyone is capable of taking advantage of a resident, and it goes unnoticed / unreported all too often.

If you can identify any of the following indications of sexual abuse in your elderly loved one’s demeanor or behavior, he or she may be the victim of sexual abuse.

  • Bleeding and / or bruising in the genital areas
  • Bruising and / or handprints on the breasts, inner thighs, and buttocks
  • Blood stains on clothing and / or bed linens
  • Indications of a sexually transmitted disease (STD)
  • Infection in the genital areas
  • Recent development of pain when sitting (assuming the patient doesn’t suffer from another medical condition that could cause pain upon sitting)
  • Refusal to communicate with family and loved ones
  • Unusual behavior, i.e. fear or anxiety when around a certain person at the facility
  • Withdrawal / depression

How Greenberg & Stein, P.C. Can Help

Contacting the authorities when you suspect sexual abuse in a nursing home is vital to putting an end to the problem. So too is involving a nursing home abuse attorney. The sooner that you contact Greenberg & Stein, P.C., the sooner that a case can be built on behalf of your loved one. We are New York City injury lawyers who have been working in the legal field for more than 50 years collectively.

Whether your case goes to court or it can be settled outside of trial, we are here to help your elderly loved one seek maximum compensation for the pain and suffering that were experienced. Taking legal action can also help to ensure that the sexual abuse does not continue in the future. You can contact us today at 888-411-3966 for more information.

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