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Product Liability and “Failure to Warn”

Product liability is not always related to design or manufacturing errors. In fact, product liability doesn’t have to involve the product at all; in some cases, liability arises when the product comes with an inadequate warning label. According to the Uniform Commercial Code § 2-314(c), products must be fit for the purpose that they were designed to serve. Additionally, § 2-314(e) through (f) states that a product must be

…adequately contained, packaged, and labeled as the agreement may require; and (f) conform to the promise or affirmations of fact made on the container or label if any.

In other words, product must be packaged in a way that is not misleading. The product must also warn customers of potential hazards – especially if it imposes some form of risk in order to be useful. For example, an electric-powered carving knife is only useful if it is sharp and uses electricity. Both of these elements involve risk of injury; however, consumers can use the product effectively and without suffering an injury. In this situation, the manufacturer should warn consumers of potential laceration and electrical injuries.

What should a warning label look like?

A product warning should contain the following elements:

  • A word, such as “Caution,” “Warning,” or Danger,” that warns the consumer of a potential risk.
  • A description of the specific risk, such as “risk of electrocution” or “risk of fire”
  • The consequences of ignoring the warning, such as “loss of hearing,” or “death”
  • How to safely use the product
  • A pictorial warning for consumers who cannot read

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