Welding Accidents


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Welding Accident Statistics and Precautions

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, four out of every 1,000 welders will suffer fatal injuries at some point in their career, making this one of the most deadly occupations in the construction industry. The American Welding Society recommends a number of safety precautions for preventing injuries and death, which include:

  • Keeping a 35 foot radius around the work area clear of any type of combustible materials, such as wood, paper, chemicals and combustible gases
  • Enclosing the work area with screens to prevent sparks from flying out and causing fires or gas explosions
  • Posting a crewmember to watch for fires during welding and for a period of at least 30 minutes following completion of work
  • Keeping a fire extinguisher nearby, ensure that the workplace has adequate ventilation to prevent the build-up of combustible dusts, vapors and gases

Failure to follow guidelines of this type, in addition to violations of OSHA safety regulations, may provide grounds for a personal injury claim based on the negligence of a fellow crewmember or supervisor. Whether you have suffered burn injuries caused by contact with molten metal, sparks or fire, or have been deprived of the support and love of a family member, we want to help you recover the full settlement you deserve.

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