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Construction Accident FAQs

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If I’m receiving workers’ compensation for my construction accident injury, does that mean that I can’t file a claim or lawsuit?
Depending on the circumstances involved in the construction accident that left you injured, you might still be able to pursue the matter legally even if you are already receiving workers’ compensation for your injury / illness. Situations that allow for legal action to be taken in addition to a workers’ comp claim are those in which the injury or illness was caused by someone other than your employer.

A third-party liability lawsuit allows the injured party to seek compensation from the person who is actually responsible for the injury that you sustained. In fact, this type of lawsuit could be more than necessary if your workers’ compensation benefits are limited and do not account for factors such as pain, suffering, emotional distress, and disfigurement. Third-party liability claims can address the aspects that workers’ compensation does not. Return to questions.

Who do I sue if I was injured on my construction site?
The person or entity to be sued in light of a construction site accident or injury will depend on the circumstances that are unique to your case. No matter the degree or severity of the accident or injury in which you were involved, it is imperative that a full investigation into the matter is made as soon as possible.

Included in the investigative process should be a construction accident attorney from our firm who can help ensure that no aspects of your case are overlooked in a way that could prevent you from receiving the full amount of compensation that you deserve. An attorney can also help expedite the process of identifying who should be held responsible for the accident or injury.

In order to concretely determine who should be held responsible for the accident that left you injured while working on site a construction zone, we must first thoroughly review the details of your case. In so doing we can conclusively claim liability. Possible defendants can include the property owner, a manufacturer, a negligent employee, a distributor, or even a subcontractor. Return to questions.

Can only a construction worker take legal action for an injury? If I was injured by flying debris while walking past a construction zone, do I have any legal options?
Flying debris is a much more common source of injury than might be expected, especially among persons who do not actually work on site of a construction zone. The passersby of construction zones in New York City can be unknowingly put at great risk of being harmed by the debris that flies from the site.

The construction company that is performing work in a public area is responsible for keeping the public a reasonably safe distance from the construction zone, thus preventing exposure to the hazards of this type of work. When the company fails to do this, serious injuries can result, and legal action should be taken.

The same philosophy of construction company responsibility is held in cases of slip and fall injuries that were caused by the company’s failure to safely remove work obstructions that could endanger the public. A failure to warn of the potential hazards surrounding the construction zone could also serve as reason for legal pursuit in the event of an accident. Return to questions.

I’m a subcontractor. Do I still have the right to take legal action if I was injured on the job?
Yes. If you were injured on the job as a subcontractor you will not be denied the right to seek legal recourse if you wish to do so. Most cases of this nature find fault with the owner or general contractor of the construction project on which you were injured, thus allowing for a third-party liability lawsuit in which attention is brought to the fact that owners and general contractors are responsible for ensuring that the premises of a construction zone are safe for work. Return to questions.

How much does it cost to meet with an attorney from your firm?
At Greenberg & Stein, P.C., we believe in making legal representation affordable for the individuals who need it. Accordingly, our professional work is performed on reasonable rates. Your first consultation with a construction accident lawyer at our office is offered completely free of charge or any upfront fees, so don’t hesitate to contact an attorney from our office today. Return to questions.

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The above set of questions and answers is only a small subset of the many queries that we receive regarding construction accidents and injuries in New York City. If your concerns weren’t addressed in our FAQ section, then do not hesitate to call our law office today to speak with a construction accident lawyer from the firm. Discussing your case with an attorney from the office is completely free of charge, so call today.

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