Caught In / Between Accidents


“Caught in / between” accidents are the fourth most common cause of construction worker death in the U.S. This type of accident is often associated with “struck-by” accidents; however, there is one key difference between caught in / between accidents and struck-by accidents: struck-by injuries result from the impact of the accident. On the other hand, a caught in / between injury occurs when the worker suffers is hurt or crushed between two objects.

Examples of caught in / between accidents:

  • A structure caves in, pinning a worker underneath the debris
  • A heavy piece of construction material breaks loose, crushing a worker
  • An out-of-control vehicle hits an employee, causing injury or death

A limitless number of hazards can lead to a caught in / between accident, but this doesn’t mean that construction site owners and employers are not responsible for employee safety. In fact, New York Labor Law enables construction workers to seek compensation for these types of accidents and many other injuries.

Injury Statistics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of fatal caught in / between accidents in rese between the year 2003 and 2007 by 10%. In 2008 alone, nearly 100 workers were killed in this type of accident alone, making caught in / between accidents a “serious concern” for OSHA.

Avoiding Accidents & Fatalities

  • While excavating, workers should always use a protective system to avoid cave-ins.
  • Workers should never walk in between a moving vehicle and another object, especially if the vehicle driver has limited visibility.
  • Employees should only provide equipment and machinery that has proper safety guards.
  • Workers should avoid placing their hands or loose clothing near moving gears, machinery, etc.
  • Construction workers should never work underneath the truss or boom of a crane during dismantling.
  • Scaffolding and other temporary structures should always be secure; not held up by unstable concrete blocks, etc.

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