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When you think of a playground, you think of a child’s laughter, kids having fun on hot summer days, and endless hours of play—not playground accidents.

It’s where your child meets their first friend. It’s where they create imaginary worlds, and win their first game of four square. It is a place of joy. It is where we make some of our fondest memories.

Greenberg & Stein Playground Accidents Attorneys

Greenberg & Stein Playground Accidents Attorneys

The Truth About Playground Accidents

When your child suffers from playground accidents, it changes everything. You may no longer regard them as a safe and innocent place. You may no longer feel at ease letting them play. You trusted that a place designed for children would be safe for children, too. You may wonder who exactly is to blame.
Each year, U.S. emergency rooms treat an average of 200,000 children for playground accidents and injuries. 20,000 of those children suffer from a traumatic brain injury like a concussion. 75% of playground accidents occur on public playgrounds, most of them at school.

Surprisingly, much of the playground equipment that has injured children in the past still exist on playgrounds today. Equipment like ladders, slides, and monkey bars are some of the most common equipment pieces associated with injuries.

Important and useful measures should be taken to prevent playground accidents, and if your child’s school hasn’t followed them, the risk for further injuries is greater. Ensuring that playgrounds have soft material underneath them like wood chips, sand, or mulch is important for preventing impact injuries. Taking time to teach kids how to use the playground equipment is vital as well. Also, making sure proper guard rails are installed can prevent dangerous injuries.

What to do if Your Child Experienced Playground Accidents

It is a serious issue if your child was injured on a playground during the school day. Even if the proper safety measures have been taken on the playground equipment, the school is still responsible for ensuring that the children in their care don’t sustain injuries on their watch. Though they probably had the best intentions, their negligence put your child in harm’s way. You and your child were not responsible for the injury, and you should not have to pay medical bills and other related fees.

When it comes to legal action, you have rights.

This may be an extremely stressful time for you or your loved one, and legal action may be the last thing you want to think about. Your primary focus is your child’s health and wellbeing, and getting them back to their normal daily life. Unfortunately, there are deadlines to report injuries and file claims, and when it comes to taking legal action, sooner is always better.

Because young children require specialized medical care when they are injured, and because long term conditions will affect a child for more years than an adult, payouts for child personal injury claims are often larger than others. However, experienced representation and fearless advocation is essential to filing a successful claim.

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From there, we can help you weigh your options and choose your next move.

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