Burn Injuries


Fighting for the Rights of Burn Injury Victims in NYC

According to research, at least 50% of burn injuries are preventable. In other words, the majority of burn injuries are caused by human error, including negligence. A severe burn injury can be life-altering, but victims of severe, avoidable burn injuries may be entitled to money through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. The New York City burn injury attorneys at Greenberg & Stein have more than five decades of combined legal experience. Today, they are dedicated to fighting for the rights of their clients. Speak with a New York City personal injury attorney from our firm to learn more about your options with our team.

First, Second, & Third Degree Burns

There are there types of burn injuries: first, second, and third degree burns. In extreme cases, a burn may be classified in the fourth degree. However these injuries are usually fatal and involve irreversible damage to the victim’s bones and flesh surrounding the burn. Every year, an approximate 76,000 people are hospitalized for burn injuries. Additionally, an estimated 2.4 million burn injuries are reported every year across the nation. In the U.S., preventable burn injuries are caused by:

  • Electrical hazards
  • Contact with toxic chemicals
  • Hot water / steam
  • Contact with fire / thermal heat

You Could Recovered Damages for Your Burn Injury

If you suffered a burn injury and believe that your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, contact a burn injury lawyer in New York City from our firm. With Greenberg & Stein, P.C. on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that you case is in good hands. Our team has recovered millions of dollars for clients. We are passionate about helping others and have a strong sense of justice, so contact our office today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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