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School is nearly out for the summer, and even though to New York children field trips and day camps are a huge part of outdoor summer fun, they also provide the most common dangers for children. Child injuries peak during the summer months in New York. If your child has had an injury, instead of taking on the legal issues by yourself, your best course of action is to contact a law firm that specializes in child injury law.

The team of attorneys at Greenberg & Stein consists of accident attorneys renowned for achieving desirable results in child injury litigation lawsuits. You cannot put a price on the value of protecting our children

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Child Injury Lawsuits

It’s a fact: Successful claims require experienced representation.

From a lawyer’s standpoint, child injuries can involve many areas of law, including car accidents, product and premises liability, negligence on the part of businesses like daycare centers, school districts, public parks, swimming pools or even your nextdoor neighbor.

Because children require specialized medical care in the event of an injury and because long-term conditions will affect a child for more years than an adult, payouts for successful child personal injury claims are known to be larger than others. At Greenberg & Stein, P.C., we want to see your child be given the best possible medical treatment for his or her injuries in order to ensure that they recover quickly and fully.

Negligence plays a large part in child injury lawsuits. Negligence resulting in child injuries can come in many forms, from lack of supervision to substandard equipment, improper surfaces and more. Negligence can occur at an outdoor play set, or in a public area such as a park, vacation resort, school or playground.

When it comes to child injuries, prevention is the key. Parents and caretakers alike should know some of the risks and signs of safety hazards.

Know The Risks For Child Injuries

Disaster can strike quickly, turning an average enjoyable family outing or a fun day at the park into a drastic turn of events.

While appealing and welcoming, however, there are many types of outdoor play areas and situations that can pose a serious risk for children of all ages

Children’s Playgrounds & Outdoor Play Area

As parents, we all want to trust that our playgrounds are safe, and that the equipment is maintained properly. We have reason to be even more concerned as researchers have found a connection between playground accidents and a rise in traumatic brain injuries.

Knowing the risks for child injuries in playgrounds means participating in their safety by insisting that those who regulate the play area: Post signage outlining age-appropriateness for equipment and designated areas of play, limit the number of children on a piece of equipment or in a designated area, enforce the implementation of proper ground surfaces. As parents and guardians we can educate children on how to play safely on the equipment–instilling proper play manners in children (such as no pushing, shoving or trampling), look for broken pieces of glass or trash in the play area, and check the playground equipment itself for sharp edges or broken pieces

According to a 2009 report from the Center for Disease Control, the occurrences of playground accidents represented over 200,000. In 2003, it was estimated that the cost of playground equipment-related injuries amounted to approximately $6.8 billion. Playground injuries can result in costly medical bills and extended time off from work to care for an injured child.

Swimming Pools & Child Drowning

A swimming pool can be a great place for fun and exercise, but for children of all ages, it also presents many child injury and accident risks. Drownings are a serious problem this time of year as well. They more frequently occur in backyard pools and landscape pools and beaches, but can also happen in just inches of water.

Parents should always practice “touch supervision” – meaning be close enough to reach out to your child at any time. Other professionals also strongly encourage parents to get certified in CPR and to always make sure their child is wearing an approved flotation device such as a life vest.

Other things to check for at pools are:

• Lack of gates or proper fencing- allows children to enter unsafe areas and injure themselves
• Inadequate signage leading to possible diving injury
• Slippery conditions cause a slip and fall accidents
• Lack of proper lifeguards led to drowning

Summer Camps

Although most summer camps have been around for a long time, as a parent, doing your homework and investigating the camp thoroughly before you enroll your child could make all the difference between a fun summer camp trip, and one that ends in injury or tragedy. With large groups of children playing together accidents and injuries are common at summer camps.

While some accidents are unavoidable, it’s important that you know the camp has a responsibility to provide a safe environment. It is their duty to provide proper supervision, ensure activities are age-appropriate, properly train staff in safety instruction and ensure the camp grounds and equipment are well-maintained. Make sure you have listed any conditions or special needs your child may have. Lastly, if you sign a waiver that releases the camp from liability, you may want to read the fine print and consult with your New York attorney before signing on the dotted line.


Believe it or not, burns are in the top five of child injuries. Older kids come in with “flash burns,” which can result from direct contact with fire, such as campfires or fireworks. While younger children often suffer from “scald burns,” which result from contact with heat such as pulling very hot food off the counter or water burns. To help prevent these injuries, children must be supervised when using fireworks, around a campsite or even at a barbecue.

Child Bike Injuries

Nearly 400,000 children are treated in emergency rooms across the country every year for bicycle-related injuries. Head injuries are the most serious, and are the top causes of death in this group. Children wearing bicycle helmets is critical, as well as learning to use hand signals, how to walk the bicycle across busy streets and intersections, and parent should make sure the seat and handlebars fit their child.

Greenberg & Stein For Child Injury Law

Having 50 years of combined experience our personal injury law firm has seen a broad range of tragic injuries to New York children.

As attorneys and parents ourselves, we fully understand the pain, anger and worry you’re feeling if your child was hurt due to another person’s negligence, recklessness or violence.

Injuries to children can involve complex medical issues, including psychological challenges and the growth process can complicate emotional and physical scarring. In some situations, it can involve a tragic accident, a serious injury or even death of a child. It is important to select a New York law firm with experience who is capable of handling both the medical and legal complexities of dealing with child injury law.

At Greenberg & Stein we take special care in representing families dealing with a variety of child injuries:

• Playground or amusement park injuries
• Swimming pool drowning/injuries
• Head Injuries/Spinal cord injuries
• Burns
• Broken bones
• Car accidents
• Burns, broken bones
• Fireworks injuries
• Day care injuries
• Poisonings
• Product liability (injuries from toys, safety seats, etc.)
• Sports injuries

G&S: Contact a New York City Child Injury Lawyer

If your child has been injured at school, at camp, on a playground or even at the home of another parent, your best immediate course of action is to seek the advice of a Greenberg & Stein attorney who specializes in child injuries.

If you suspect negligence or product defect has played a part in jeopardizing the safety of your child and may be a hazard in the current situation, you will absolutely want to seek experienced advice before you proceed with any course of actions.

A personal injury claim for children’s injuries requires an adult to file the claim on their behalf. This adult must either be the child’s parent or legal guardian. Time limits on filing child injuries claim are much different than those of adults. For a personal injury claim involving a child, the statute of limitations does not end until the child’s 20th birthday, unless the child has been emancipated from his or her legal guardians. An emancipated child has 2 years from the date of the injury to file a claim on their own behalf; if a child is granted emancipation after the injury occurred, he or she has two years from the date of their emancipation to file.

Our New York City personal injury attorneys are equipped with the skill and passion required to see your child’s personal injury claim succeed.

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