Greenberg & Stein Represent Man Nearly Killed in an NYC Subway Accident

We are thrilled to be representing an amazingly positive client, Luis Henriquez, who was nearly killed late last month in a shocking subway accident.

He went down into the subway like thousands of other commuters and was waiting for the train when he got pushed. There was no altercation and he had no knowledge of the man who pushed him other than he was making noise in the subway earlier.

Luis Henriquez represented by Greenberg & Stein

Luis Henriquez represented by Greenberg & Stein

“The father of two was on his way to a construction job in Brooklyn early Wednesday when a turnstile jumper allegedly pushed him in front of a northbound B train at the 170th St. station in Mount Eden. Henriquez managed to dodge the train, but he could not move his left leg in time. A subway car crushed his left ankle, and doctors amputated his leg in the middle of his shin, his lawyer said Friday…”

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