Landlord Premises Liability New York City

Landlord – tenant relations are legally bound by a contract known as a lease. In this often lengthy document, both parties are held responsible for their involvement in the lease.

However, there are situations that occur when the lines get blurred. In such cases, it is wise to seek legal counsel to help read between those lines and identify who is liable–this is known as landlord liability.

landlord premises liability
Greenberg & Stein are landlord premises liability lawyers serving NYC.

The sooner tenants or landlords seek legal counsel, the better. Early consultations will result in more comprehensive legal representation and better documentation of the facts pertaining to their respective cases.

Landlord Premises Liability and the Law

The better documented a case is the more likely the client is to receive adequate compensation for their injuries or violations pertaining to their lease agreement.

The law professionals of Greenberg & Stein are there to help you organize your documents in order to present the best case possible in your defense.

Note that it up to the tenant to proactively take steps to ensure that the conditions of the unit are thoroughly documented before you move in and before you vacate.

Without proper documentation of the condition of the unit, deposits and nonrefundable fees, the landlord could not be held liable. Education programs are available for the tenant to know what their responsibilities and rights are in regards to their lease agreement.

In addition to deposits and fees, there are numerous other issues affecting both tenants and landlords such as pest control, slips and falls and on-site criminal activity.

Greenberg & Stein have successfully handled numerous cases for both tenants and landlords and are ready to help you with your case, no matter how complex it is.

In many cases, the attorneys at Greenberg & Stein will collect evidence to support your case and establish the landlord’s liability. They may take photographs of the accident scene, collect eyewitness testimony and witness statements and consult skilled people to provide testimony on your behalf.

The same methods are used to support a landlord who has a tenant who is damaging property or conducting illegal, criminal activity from one of his or her properties such as dealing drugs or selling stolen goods.

Whatever the situation, Greenberg & Stein will actively pursue the facts of the case and present them in court in an articulate and intelligent manner.

Benefits of Working with a Landlord Premises Liability Lawyer

These are just some of the benefits of working with New York City’s finest personal injury and property liability legal professionals.

The right thing to do when you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself in court is to call Greenberg & Stein right away and begin the investigation process to establish liability and undergo a successful legal process to secure your rights and in many cases financial compensation for your injuries or mistreatment.

Did you know that until 15 years ago landlords were not considered civilly liable for injuries inflicted by the criminal acts of third persons? It wasn’t until the historical definition of a lease was revisited that this was changed.

Landlords and tenant agreements now fall under the “special relation” category thus creating an affirmative duty to protect, as a result of a case within the Chicago Housing Authority in Totten vs. More.

This and many other special circumstances and adaptations of the laws involving tenant and landlords are why calling on Greenberg & Stein is the right thing to do.

Don’t allow your own lack of knowledge of such laws to affect the outcome of your case. Contact Greenberg & Stein today if you feel your rights have been violated as a tenant or landlord in New York City. They are there to fight for you and your rights to due process and compensation.

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