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Experience Is Key

Albert Einstein is quoted with saying that, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” We might add that the best source of knowledge is experience. Greenberg & Stein are top-notch personal injury attorneys who serve the Bronx and other New York boroughs with 50 plus years of experience in the successful handling of hundreds of cases.

If you have ever been seriously injured in an accident you know how overwhelming the search for the best injury lawyer can be. As the go-to personal injury attorneys representing the Bronx, Greenberg & Stein understand the

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complex nature of various personal injury cases. We believe that victim’s rights are paramount and our goal is to see that justice is served.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may actually be legally entitled to large sums of money for compensation. It’s usually a time sensitive issue and we suggest that an experienced injury lawyer should conduct a full review of your case.

Negligence in the News and Why You Need an Injury Lawyer

Many of the current injury cases have been set against the backdrop of neighborhoods like the ones in the Bronx, which have undergone rapid gentrification, and where subsequent construction has been ubiquitous.

There have been an increase in newsworthy stories of negligence in the last year alone. All of which meant an appeal to specialty services provided by injury lawyers.

There was a story of a 29-year-old Ecuadorean immigrant who fell from a ladder while doing demolition and renovation work at a supermarket in the Bronx. When Federal investigators dug a little deeper into the case they discovered that his employer had wanted the wanted job done fast and therefore grabbed as many workers as possible, even though many of the laborers were never provided with general safety training.

There are labor laws specifically set in place for the protection of New York’s workers. Under ordinary negligence law, an injured worker may sue a third-party contractor for dangerous conditions that (1) caused the worker’s injury; and (2) that the third-party had control of and knew or should have known was dangerous

Getting Help From Injury Lawyers Who Serve The Bronx

Perhaps you or someone you know has been looking for an injury lawyer who serves the Bronx. At Greenberg & Stein we have successfully worked on a variety of cases such as:

At Greenberg & Stein, P.C., we understand that if you have been injured in an accident in the Bronx or anywhere in New York City, selecting the best possible legal representation for your case is vital, as it could make the difference between receiving the full compensation you need and deserve and having your claim unfairly minimized or even denied outright.

As our client, you can be sure that our lawsuits demand maximum compensation. In addition we only agree to the best settlement terms possible.

Don’t delay, call today:  Time sensitive deadlines apply to the filing of claims.  So don’t just wait and see if your injury subsides. Contact the personal injury attorneys at Greenberg & Stein for a free consultation today. Let us show you what makes us the most trusted injury lawyers in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens & Manhattan.

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