What to Do When You’re Injured at Work

Greenberg & Stein Help When You’re Injured at Work
Greenberg & Stein Help When You’re Injured at Work

Getting injured at work is a shocking and often life-changing event. It can stop you in your tracks. It can put you suddenly out of work and wondering what to do next. If you’ve suffered a workplace injury, it is understandable to feel conflicted, angry, and upset.

The ways to get injured at work are countless. It could be anything from slipping on a wet floor to hitting your head. Construction sites are a common place, but injuries can happen at an office, too. In a study of workplace accidents in 2015, workplaces that had the most accidents included tractor-trailer truck drivers, construction workers, material movers and nursing assistants. These injuries all resulted in days away from work, ranging from five to 30 days. The most common events that led to the injuries were falling, being struck by objects or equipment, and overexertion in lifting and lowering.

There is actually a state-regulated system for injured workers called workers’ compensation. Employers who carry workers’ compensation insurance must provide compensation for an injured employee. This means benefits in the form of partial wage replacement, rehabilitation, medical coverage and more. Typically, workers’ compensation allows for the injured employee to receive weekly payments. The amount of these payments are based off of the employee’s weekly wages. The payments from workers’ compensation are intended to cover temporary or permanent partial disability, temporary or permanent total disability, and the loss of function.

If you were injured on the job in any way, there are certain steps you should take in order to protect your legal rights. For instance, it is important to immediately report the injury to your employer, who is expected to provide you with the proper forms to fill out in response to this event. It can often be a nerve-wracking experience to report an injury and hold someone or something at work responsible, but you may end up regretting it if you don’t.

In addition, you should also have your injuries checked out by a professional physician in order to determine the degree of your injuries. Even if you don’t think you need to see a doctor, it is best to do so anyways, as it is very important to have proper documentation of your injuries. Photographing your injuries is also wise, as well as being very detailed in your injury report. Filing successful workplace injury claims is dependent on the documentation and evidence of the injury sustained.

If proper evidence of the injury exists, then you will be eligible for workers’ compensation. Throughout this ordeal, it is very helpful to have a professional lawyer on your side and acting on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your injuries and quality of life while we lend a hand with the financial and legal issues. If you decide to take more serious legal action and sue, we’re here to guide you through that process as well.

At Greenberg & Stein, we believe everyone has the right to seek legal aid when they have suffered a personal injury that was not their fault. At the workplace especially, you should feel safe and protected. The good news is, if you were injured at work, you are still protected by the law, and there is compensation for injured workers. You should not have to pay out-of-pocket for an injury sustained at work, and you certainly should not lose paychecks over it.

At Greenberg & Stein, P.C. we also believe in making our award-winning legal representation affordable to everyone who needs it. That’s why we offer reasonable rates that take into consideration the financial situations of each client. Your first consultation with an attorney at our firm is provided completely free of charge, so contact us today.

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