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In recent decades, Brooklyn has been experiencing a building boom, a rebound in manufacturing and a residential renaissance. It is no longer an “ outer borough” of New York City.  Brooklyn, the largest borough in New York City, is well deserving of this meteoric reversal of fortunes, however, the dramatic increase in population density has directly affected the number of local Brooklyn accidents.

Our team will offer an accident lawyer of Brooklyn, New York from Greenberg & Stein with more than 50 years of combined litigation experience, and a track record of success in fighting for the rights of accident victims. We have noticed that the first mistake victims of any accident make is in hesitating to contact legal representation straight away. In a world so filled with unknowns and surprising accidents lurking around each corner, it’s nice to know that someone is on your side and ready to help you find the answers you seek.

The Brooklyn Boom: Growth Brings Challenges

“No one should have to sacrifice their life for their livelihood, because a nation built on the dignity of work must provide safe working conditions for its people.” –Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez

Even though Brooklyn still contains only 14 percent of New York City’s employment, it has accounted for 36 percent of the job growth in the city since 2008.

Employment in the manufacturing field has been rebounding along the formerly industrial waterfront as Industry City and the Brooklyn Navy Yard serve as two mainstays for growth. There’s been the rise of brands like Brooklyn Brewery and the recently minted Brooklyn Nets. In addition the film, digital media, and gaming fields have helped to drive this innovation economy back to massive multistory industrial buildings.

The building boom has transformed previously empty blocks into the frenzy of construction on commercial and residential buildings. But this activity has come at a sobering cost: In the last two years alone the number of workers injured and/or killed in construction accidents has surged.

Turns out, there is a pretty well-defined relation between accidents and population density. The pattern is a familiar one: Five of seven fatalities since July have involved contractors or subcontractors that had been fined by the safety administration on previous projects. Those minimal slaps on the wrist fines totaled only about $60,000.

“Given the limited number of OSHA inspectors and low fines for violators, many employers do not take OSHA violations seriously,” said a recent report from the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health, a nonprofit advocacy group with union ties. According to OSHA 4,679 workers died on the job in 2014

It’s not just work related accidents either! Accidents involving cars are among the most common causes of serious injury and death in the United States each year even despite the advancements in technology and significant safety improvements in cars and in the design of roads. It is a sad but true fact that car accident claims and lawsuits are probably the most common type of civil tort case filed by Brooklyn attorneys these days. But knowing the facts can help save lives.

What Can a Good Accident Lawyer Do?

Obviously, a good accident lawyer will bring a lot to the table: They will have an excellent knowledge of legal procedure, great support staff to process paperwork, negotiating experience, and so much more.

There are a few other important things to know should you find yourself in need of a good accident lawyer. On a most basic level, you should know that most good lawyers limit their practice to one or two kinds of law. So, if you are hiring an accident lawyer to represent you in a personal injury case, make sure that your lawyer has actual experience in personal injury cases.

It’s also important to know that while most cases settle without going to trial, some cases don’t actually need a lawsuit to be settled. A good accident lawyer can sometimes get the important information to the insurance company for a defendant, and settle the case, without the need to file a lawsuit.

Lastly, there are no such things as guarantees! If you have encountered an accident lawyer who guarantees you a result, don’t walk away, run!

Greenberg & Stein: Accident Lawyer Brooklyn New York

If you’ve been seriously injured, you will need an experienced accident lawyer to negotiate a fair settlement, or to file a lawsuit on your behalf. The good lawyers at Greenberg & Stein will give you an honest opinion and proposal for your case. We can help you take legal action.

After an accident, it can be difficult to know what to do next. At Greenberg & Stein, our Brooklyn accident lawyers have met many accident victims who struggled with the very same questions you have. With more than five decades of combined experience under our belts, we have personally seen the confusion, devastation, and chaos that often follow an accident that was wrongfully caused by another – and we can help.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation as early as possible after your accident. We can come to meet with you in your home, or even at the hospital, to discuss the circumstances of your accident and to determine how much you are entitled to receive in compensation for your injuries. We understand what a challenging and stressful experience this may be for you and your family, and will do everything we can to guide you through the process of claiming a settlement with a minimum of difficulty and delay.

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