Finding The Best New York Construction Accident Lawyer: Greenberg & Stein

Finding The Best New York Construction Accident Lawyer: Greenberg & Stein

Even the best workers at construction sites in New York are routinely subjected to dangerous conditions and potentially serious accidents. New York actually has special provisions to address the unique dangers faced by construction workers. However, when a construction worker has an accident, he/she is covered by workers’ compensation but it is often not sufficient to cover the severity of injuries or costs for medical and follow up.

At Greenberg & Stein, P.C., we successfully represent plaintiffs in a variety of construction accident and labor law matters and we firmly believe that all accident victims are entitled to justice. The legal community routinely seeks our construction accident attorneys out for our 50 years worth of experience.

New York Construction Site Accidents

There is absolutely a very real problem with construction safety in New York right now as an improving economy and low interest rates have helped fuel the current building boom. New York has always embraced vertical construction to help make housing more affordable, but the current uncertainty over the future of a lucrative tax abatement program may have recently caused many developers to rush to file new construction permits this year.

In fact, in local New York news there have been several stories of construction accidents making the headlines. A 58-year-old Indian immigrant doing facade work on a midtown Manhattan building had tumbled eight stories off a scaffold and landed screaming atop a sidewalk shed.

Just days later a 33-year-old construction worker plummeted 110 feet from the roof of an office building in Midtown where he had been attaching plywood to a parapet ledge.

These incidents and many more like them are evidence of the view that is increasingly held by safety inspectors, government officials and attorneys; that safety measures at these construction sites are tragically inadequate.

THE KEY ISSUE: Money & Time

In the construction business, more time equals more money out of somebody’s pocket. Unfortunately there are few ways to be more profitable, and most end up cutting corners on safety. A premium being placed on speed causes workers to take dangerous shortcuts.

Many accidents are so clearly avoidable it’s simply sheer negligence to blame. Basic safety steps as required by law, are there to prevent accidents. Most of the cases you hear about are ones where workers did not wear harnesses or helmets, supervision was lacking, workers were often poorly trained and all too often the contractors had been previously cited for safety violations and failed to pay penalties!

Greenberg & Stein: Your New York Construction Accident Attorney

It’s always comforting to know that someone has your back… especially when your back has been injured! You are in good hands with the construction accident attorneys at Greenberg & Stein. We firmly believe that you have the right to pursue compensation if you or someone you know has suffered injuries as the result of a construction accident and employer violation.

Some of the types of cases we have handled for our clients involve:

  • Crane Accidents
  • Scaffolding Accidents
  • Ladder Accidents
  • Construction Site Falls
  • Run-Over by Operating Equipment
  • Electrical Accidents Trench
  • Collapses Fires and Explosions
  • Welding Accidents
  • Unsafe/ Dangerous Equipment Accidents
  • Logging Accidents
  • Brazing Accidents
  • Cutting Accidents
  • Structure Failure
  • Building Collapse
  • Supervisor Negligence
  • Punch Press Malfunctions
  • Fork Lift Accidents
  • Dumpster Accidents
  • Nail gun Accidents
  • Compressor Accidents
  • Exploding Compressor
  • Gas Explosions

At Greenberg & Stein we have the ability to protect victims’ rights during a wide range of cases. We have been honored as “ Lead Counsel Rated Attorney”, and named “Officer” of the New York State Trial Lawyers Associates. Maybe now is the time to take legal action after a construction accident- feel free to call us with any questions you may have. We are available to take your calls 24/7 and we know all too well the difference that just one phone call can make.

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