Playground Accidents

Whenever a child is injured in the playground they’re usually supervised by somebody like a teacher, or a councilor. In those cases, the teacher or the councilor, the school or the camp that provides those employees can be responsible for not properly supervising the children while they’re on the playground. The manufacturer of the equipment could also be responsible in that it’s not properly maintained. There’s not proper warnings on it, or was defective when it was produced. Also, specific playground equipment has age limits. Minimums and maximums, again, the teachers or the councilors could be responsible for allowing the children to play on equipment that they’re not supposed to be on. Either they’re too old to be on it, or they’re too young to be on it.
Every playground has to be maintained. If it’s not properly maintained, most of the time, it’s going to lead to injury of those people who are actually utilizing the equipment or playing there. Most of the time, that’s kids. That’s why the entities or the cities who are responsible for maintaining playgrounds have to maintain these playgrounds in a proper fashion. If they don’t, someone can get injured. By contacting an attorney, we’re able to get the records that show when it was inspected or when it was last inspected, and then we’re able to go to court and show, let’s say a jury, as to why you’re entitled to compensation.
It is important that you contact an attorney if you or your child is involved in a playground accident case. It’s important that we hire an expert to examine the circumstances, examine the equipment and see if there is, in fact, a case under New York state laws.
If your child is injured due to rusty bolts or loose pieces of equipment at a city playground, then by all means, the city or municipality or the entity that controls that playground is most likely going to be responsible for it. They have a duty to maintain their equipment and to regularly inspect it for such conditions as we’re talking about here. As a result, this is the sort of thing that you’re not going to be able to figure out on your own. You should contact an attorney to make sure that we can get the proper information to help you prosecute your case.
If your child is injured at a school playground or in the school itself, the school or the entity that is responsible for the actual accident is ultimately going to be responsible for the medical bills. It’s not a situation that you forward them the bills immediately or even 30 days of the accident and they pay it. What ultimately happens is that it’s included as part of the lawsuit and as part of the past claims that you and your child have suffered. That’s why you should contact an attorney to bring these sorts of claims because otherwise you’re not going to be able to do it yourself and you might, ultimately, lose out on the ability to get compensated for something that you had to put out and pay for your child’s care when, ultimately, someone else was responsible for it.
If it’s a city owned playground you have 90 days to notify them of the claim. If it’s not a city owned playground, you have three years from the date of the accident to bring in action. But also if it’s a city owned playground you have a year and 90 days to bring in the lawsuit associated with the injuries sustained in the accident.
After your child is injured in a playground, there’s certain things you have to do immediately. First of all, it should be reported, because it’s an easy thing to track if the accident is reported, but from a legal sense, one of the main things you have to do, is you have to file what’s called a notice of claim with the municipality that runs that playground or the entity that runs that playground. That has to be done within 90 days of the accident. If you don’t do it within 90 days of the accidents, there’s a very good chance that the courts are not gonna let you bring a lawsuit later on to compensate your child for their injuries.
Whatever we get a phone call about a child who has been injured in the playground, we always send somebody to inspect the playground equipment. The manufacturer of playground equipment can be responsible for your child’s injury depending on whether or not that piece of equipment was made properly, maintained properly, whether the proper warnings were on that piece of equipment or whether that piece of equipment was appropriate for a child of your child’s age group to be playing on. So the answer is you can sue the manufacturer of the playground equipment if your child is injured on that equipment.
If your child was injured while at the playground, either with school or a camp or even with you watching them, there are many people who may be responsible for causing that injury. The school should take responsibility for properly supervising your child, the same with the camp, and a lot of the playgrounds, especially in New York, have playground equipment that is not up to standard. They are old, they’re broken, they haven’t been inspected, so if you have a child that’s been injured at a playground, you should give us a call so that we can answer any questions that you may have regarding suing the people responsible for the injury to your child.
If involved in a New York City playground accident, it’s important that you contact an attorney immediately. The attorney may need to hire an expert to examine the equipment and see if anything was defective at the accident scene. It’s also important because certain timelines need to be complied with, including a 90-day statute of limitations with regards to city-owned parks and recreation facilities.
If you’re injured in a playground, or if you’re playing in a playground, there are a lot of factors at play. The people that installed the equipment might not be the people that are ultimately responsible for maintaining it. However, just because it was installed doesn’t mean that it wasn’t improperly installed or that it wasn’t proper to begin with. The way you do that is you’re going to have to look and figure out what, exactly, caused the injury. That’s often a complicated situation and that’s why, in these sorts of cases, it’s highly recommended that you contact an attorney to help you figure it out.

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