Subway & Bus Accidents

Subway Accidents

If you’ve been injured while in the subway system of the city of New York you should first makes sure that an employee of the New York City Transit Authority comes to your aid and reports the accident. They will fill out a number for accident reports based upon where they find you, how they find you, and how the accident took place. That’s a very important part of later proving how the accident took place. The next thing that you should do is make sure that they call an ambulance for you, and the police. A lot of times the New York City Transit Authority will not call the police on your behalf. But make sure that the ambulance and the police come to the scene if you’ve been injured severely enough that you need to go to the hospital. But at the very least, if you’ve been injured on the subway, report it to the subway personnel and make sure that they write down your name, write down what happened, and give you a piece of paper back that has the information on it.
If your injuries allow you to obtain information from the people around you when you’re injured, the most important thing that you can obtain is the names and addresses and telephone numbers of people that may have seen the accident happen. The Transit Authority, in my experience, will not actually do that. They will fill out a number of reports that you may get later on, but they will lack witness information. The first thing that you should do is get the names of witnesses, people around you, if you’re able to. The next thing you should do is take pictures of whatever it is that caused your accident. You should take as many as you can so that you have a documentation of what the condition was that injured you, because that condition may either be fixed or disappear before an investigator or an attorney is able to get down to the subway and find out what happened.
In order to sue the New York City Transit Authority, who is the operator of the subway in the City of New York, there are two conditions precedent, meaning you have to do these things before you’re allowed to sue them. The first thing is you have to file a notice of claim. That must be done within 90 days from the date of your accident. The second is you have to sit for a hearing after you file a notice of claim. They have 90 days to request that hearing. Once you file your notice of claim within the 90 days, and you’ve had your hearing with the transit authority, you have a year and 90 days from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit with the New York City Transit Authority. Otherwise, you lose your rights to sue.
Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your accident, the New York City Transit Authority can be held liable for an accident that occurred on their premises or on their train or some other area where they own property. It is important to hire an attorney immediately to assess the facts and circumstances and hire any investigators that might be necessary to ascertain whether or not you have a case.
If you’ve been injured as a result of your accident in the New York City subway system, then you should go to a doctor to get checked out. Once you’ve seen the doctor, it’s very important that you follow the doctor’s instructions about your injury. You should only go to a doctor if you feel you’ve been injured and you feel that you need that doctor’s help.
Because the Transit Authority has a 90-day statute of limitations within which you have to file a notice of claim, the sooner you contact a lawyer about your subway accident the better, the reason being that the more time the attorney has to investigate the facts surrounding your claim will always make your case better in the long run. The sooner that the attorney can get an investigator into the system and figure out what exactly happened will result in a better recovery for you in the end of your case, so you should contact an attorney as soon as possible after you’ve been injured in the subway system.

Bus Accidents

There’s several things you should do after a New York bus accident. One thing is, is to document your injuries and get any medical assistance that you need as a result of injuries sustained in the accident. The second thing is to notify the driver or MTA personnel of your accident and give your version of the events. The third is, speak to the police and make sure they document that you were involved in an accident and you sustained injuries in that accident.
If you own a car, then your car’s no-fault insurance is responsible to pay your medical bills and your lost wages and any other incidental expenses that you may have as a result of being injured on a bus of any type in New York state. If you don’t have a car or any other household vehicle, such as a truck or minivan and that’s owned by somebody that you live with, then the bus company is responsible through their no-fault insurance company to pay for your lost wages, your medical bills, and your incidental expenses, as a result of the accident. If you have any questions about an injury that you sustained while you were on a bus, please feel free to call us so that we can answer any questions that you have.
In order to bring a New York bus accident case, the statute of limitations is one year and 90 days from the date of the accident. But there are several other time constraints that must be complied with in order to bring this bus accident, such as a 90-day time notice requirement to the MTA or New York City Transit Authority in order to apprise them of the facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

Train Accidents

If you were injured in a train accident, you have 90 days from the date of the accident to file what’s called a notice of claim with either the public authority or the municipality that controls and runs that train system. That it has to be done within 90 days. There are exceptions to the rule, such as if you’re in the hospital continuously throughout those 90 days and you are physically unable to contact an attorney or file that notice of claim, but any time you’re involved in an accident involving a train, in any municipality, especially here in New York, you have 90 days to file that notice of claim, otherwise you’re not gonna be able to bring a lawsuit.
If you are unfortunately injured while you are a passenger on a train, there are certain things you should do immediately to make sure that it is recorded. First of all, it should be reported to any New York City Transit Authority or NTA authority who is there at the scene. If you cannot report it to a supervisor or a conductor or the operator of the train, then you should immediately look for let’s say a New York City police officer or anyone in a uniform or official uniform so that you could report your accident. That is by far the first and most important thing you should do if you’re involved in an accident on a subway car or train.
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