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Dental Injuries are Common in the Summertime

Children are often running and playing outdoors or near pools in the summertime. As a result, there are many slip and fall accidents, and children can often hit their teeth on the concrete, causing dental problems and injuries. Sports can also put a child’s teeth at risk. According to research done at the University of Alabama, collision injuries and dental injuries can increase during the summer, leading to more dental visits for children with teeth damage.

Physicians say that individuals need to make sure that the child does not have a head injury before worrying about teeth injuries. Head injuries can leave permanent damage, while tooth injuries can often be repaired. If child does suffer a tooth injury, then you will want to look for nay fragments of the teeth and head to the dentist. If the tooth appears to be bleeding from the middle and not just from the gums, this means that the injury is quite serious and will need professional attention promptly.

If your child knocked a tooth out, then it is best to try to put it back into the mouth soon. You will want to take your child to the dentist and explain the situation. Dentists say that if a tooth can be put back in the mouth within a half-hour, then a full recovery is much more likely. If the tooth can’t be put back into the mouth, then you will want to place it in milk and head directly to the dentist. Don’t touch the root of the tooth or clean it more than simply running water over it.

This will help you to avoid other gum damage. If your child experienced a dental injury and it was due to a slip and fall accident or another incident that was not your fault, then you may want to seek compensation from the parties responsible. With the right New York personal injury lawyer on your side, you can be sure to get the compensation that you desire right away.