Can I Sue Over a Construction Accident? Yes!

Can I Sue Over a Construction Accident? Yes! - New York City Personal Injury Lawyer I Greenberg & Stein, P.C.
Can I Sue Over a Construction Accident? Yes! – New York City Personal Injury Lawyer I Greenberg & Stein, P.C.

Because of the many physical hazards that exist on a construction site, construction work is among the most dangerous industries in the United States. Construction accidents account for 1 out of every 5 workplace accidents. And in a city like New York City, construction jobs are abundant. With over 60,000 people working in construction, accidents are more abundant as well. In the year 2015, there were 25 reported fatalities on construction sites.

Common construction accidents include:

  • Falls (40.63% of construction accidents in New York City)
  • Falling Objects (24.22%)
  • Scaffolding Accidents (5.47%)
  • Machinery Accidents (3.91%)
  • Excavation Accidents (3.4%)

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration even has a term for the most common construction accidents, calling them the “Fatal Four.” These include falls, electrocutions, being struck by an object, and being caught in or between something.

Can I Sue Over a Construction Accident?

If you have recently been injured in an onsite construction accident, your life may have been turned upside down. It is normal to feel worried, angry and unsure about how to proceed. Once the initial shock wears off and you begin to move forward, you may ask yourself, “Can I sue over a construction accident?” It is wise to consider this, and it is a question that you should be asking.

As a construction worker, you make sure to take the necessary precautions in order to stay safe. You work carefully and responsibly, so when an accident happens that was not your fault, it can be especially upsetting.

Although construction is a dangerous field, that doesn’t mean injuries are something you’ve signed up for. Your employer is still responsible for your safety. If you have been injured in a construction accident, New York Labor Law enables you to seek compensation for your injuries. If the people around you or the overseers of the project put you in harm’s way, it is your right to take legal action.

You also have the option of suing over a construction accident. The person you sue may be your employer, another employee, or even the manufacturer of a faulty tool that played a role. No matter the situation, it is imperative that a full investigation is made regarding your accident. This should be done by a professional construction accident lawyer as soon as possible. Seeking legal counsel ensures no details of your case are overlooked, and you have an advocate in the legal process.

Legal Counsel with Greenberg & Stein

At Greenberg & Stein, P.C., our team of lawyers are dedicated to helping construction workers obtain any and all compensation they deserve. This means medical bills, missed work pay and more. You should not be held financially responsible for an accident that was not your fault.  

At Greenberg & Stein, P.C., we believe in making our award-winning legal representation affordable to everyone who needs it. That’s why we offer reasonable rates that take into consideration the financial situations of each client. In addition, your first consultation with an attorney at our firm is provided completely free of charge.

Medical Intervention and Documentation

Before seeking legal help, however, it is important to seek medical help. Even if you don’t think you need it, it is extremely important to have your injuries looked at and recorded. Proof of your injury is essential to filing any claims down the road.

If you haven’t recorded all the details about your accident, now is the time to do so. This includes details such as date/time of the accident, location of the accident, what tools you were using, what safety gear you were wearing, any witnesses that were present and more.

Construction Accident? Don’t Wait

You shouldn’t have to pay for a construction accident that wasn’t your fault. You have a right to compensation and justice. Call us today at 888-411-3966 to schedule your free consultation, or learn more at our website.

The Time For Action Is Now!

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