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Train Derailment Kills Four, Injures Dozens

A train derailment occurred in the Bronx last weekend when it hit a curve in the tracks going upwards of 80 mph. The posted speed limit at the curve was a mere 30 mph. The sudden speed caused the train to run off of the tracks, causing at least four deaths and many injuries to the passengers aboard. The train engineer has been tested for levels of intoxication, but all tests came back negative.

The National Transportation Safety Board has been investigating the accident, and has so far determined that the brakes and the signal system were working on the train at the time of the accident. The train engineer claims that he was “in a daze” prior to the accident and doesn’t know what happened to cause the shocking crash.

The current findings show that 67 people were injured in the collision. The locomotive jumped the tracks and all seven car s were off of the rails when the crash was investigated. The locomotive was equipped with a feature called “dead man’s pedal” which helps an automated system to take over should the train’s engineer become incapacitated. The NTSB is still researching to see if this feature came into play in the collision.

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