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Tragic Plane Crash in San Francisco Kills 2, Injures 168

An Asiana Flight from Seoul, South Korea was attempting to land at the San Francisco International Airport on July 6th when it spiraled downward and there was a plane crash in San Francisco near the runway. Reports claim that the airplane was engulfed in flames upon landing, and more than 168 passengers were taken to medical facilities for treatment of injuries. Other passengers on the plane were forced to scamper over debris and away from the aircraft.

Two promising young teens from Korea were killed in the crash. There were 307 passengers on board the Asiana aircraft, and 16 crew members. 123 people escaped without any obvious injuries, and 181 were hospitalized or treated. 49 of the victims are in serious condition, including a child that is in critical condition. Several others were treated for fractures, abrasions, and other juries and were released form a medical facility on Saturday night. One survivor says that the entire accident happened in less than 10 seconds.

While the United States has already declared that terrorism was not a factor in the accident, the FBI is still trying to figure out why the commercial airliner went down. The plan was a Boeing 777 that touched down tail-first and short of the runway. The airline says that the plane flight began in Shanghai, China, before a layover in South Korea and then heading over to San Francisco. The airplane was carrying 61 U.S. Citizens, 77 South Koreans, and 141 Chinese.

The National Transportation Safety Board has not commended yet on whether pilot error caused the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration will also partner with other organizations to learn the cause of the crash. The San Francisco International Airport was closed for several hours after the accident and all incoming flights were diverted to other airports as a result. If you want more information about this plane flight, or want to learn more about seeking compensation for airplane accidents, then talk to a New York City personal injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein today!