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Three Injured in Times Square Construction Fence Collapse

In November, three people were injured when a Times Square construction fence collapse incident occurred in Manhattan, falling on top of them in the high winds. Reports show that the plywood wall was covering the entrance of Wasabi Sushi restaurant, which is currently under construction/ The Texas –based company, Einstein Construction, was refurbishing the restaurant and had set up the wall as a precaution.

Winds in the area pushed the wall on top of two women and one man. The victims all suffered non-life-threatening injuries, but were rushed to the hospital for treatment for still-painful injuries. The Einstein Construction company has been ordered to stop work at the restaurant while the New York City Department of Buildings’ investigates the incident.

Attorneys argue that the construction company should have made sure that all structures at the construction site were safe and secure. The plywood wall was set up in a very crowded area, and some claim that the results could have been horrific. The injured victims may be able to seek compensation after the accident. They can sue the construction company which erected the walls if they can prove that the company was negligent in ensuring that they were secure.

If you have been injured due to a fence collapse or another sort of collapse, the party that was responsible for setting up the wall, fence, or other item may be held liable, You will want to talk with a professional attorney if you are considering a lawsuit of this nature.

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