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Student Harmed in Stairwell Collapse

A college student at a Manhattan apartment building was severely injured during a stairwell collapse at a rooftop party. The Wall Street Journal reports that the property manager was cited for illegal roof occupancy at the building and for failure to maintain the building properly.

The victim in the accident was a student at New York University who suffered major injuries when he fell three stories in the stairwell. The Student was coming down steps from the seventh floor and had to jump on a landing when a portion of the stairwell collapsed. The man suffered injuries, but is said to be in stable condition currently.

The New York City Department of Buildings allegedly already issued multiple citations to the property management company for issues regarding the property. Some students stranded on the roof after the collapsing stairwell was lowered to the ground by firefighters using a bucket ladder. Others had to climb down the fire escape.

Attorneys working for the injured victim say that they are shocked that more people were not harmed in the collapse. The stairway accident has caused serious injuries to the one victim and will require a lengthy recovery time. These injury victims end up having to take time away from work to pay out-of-pocket costs for treatments such as physical therapy and chiropractic care. In some situations, victims may never be able to work again due the extent of their injuries.

In a stairwell accident like this one, the owner of the premises will be held responsible for the accident. If you have been injured in an incident of this nature you can call a New York personal injury attorney to assist you in your case. Hire an attorney at Greenberg & Stein and get started today!