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Professional Football Hall of Famer Potentially Suing Sport

Tony Dorsett is considered a legend in the NFL, but he says that his 11-year career in professional football has taken a serious toll on his mental well-being. Dorsett claims that he suffers from severe memory loss, depression, and anger issues. He claims that one day he won’t remember how to get to the grocery store form his home, and another day he will suddenly explode on his daughter without any reasonable explanation. He claims that football is a violent sport and the constant head trauma has taken a toll on him now that he has retired.

Dorsett is a former Cowboy who has already been retired from the sport for 25-years. Dorsett is one of many NFL players that are now suing the league because they believe that the NFL minimized the serious implications of a concussion. In fact, over 4,500 players are working towards a settlement with the NFL because of the concussion issues. The plaintiffs all alleged the league covered up important facts about the dangers of concussions and the long-term implications of these brain injuries.

Dorsett says that he wants more than a one-time payment for his suffering; he also wants finances that will cover his long-term medical bills for mental conditions stemming from brain injuries obtained during his time with the NFL. Dorsett says he is very glad about the settlement as a start, but that he wants to received long-term health insurance as well.

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