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Post-Traumatic Headaches After Traumatic Brain Injuries

If you suffer a traumatic brain injury, the results of the accident can be devastating. You may experience memory loss, severe brain damage, loss of motor skills, and a variety of other ailments or difficulties in connection with your TBI. One common symptom of a mild TBI is a post-traumatic headache. These headaches occur in about 90% of all patients following a traumatic brain injury and research shows that they are more common and more severe in mild TBIs as compared to moderate and severe TBIs.

According to medical professionals, about one-fourth of all individuals who suffer a mild TBI will still suffer severe headaches connected with their injury four years later. Sometimes, these headaches can be so painful and debilitating that a victim will need to miss multiple days of work. He or she may also need to decrease community reintegration, and may want to apply for disability because of the pain and debilitating nature of the headache.

If you have been suffering post-traumatic headaches after traumatic brain injuries, you need to contact an attorney about the possibility of seeking compensation for your longstanding injury. You may be able to reduce the headaches with expensive therapies and multiple visits to specialists in the medical field. You can also decrease the headaches by reducing your stress level and reducing the possibility for fatigue. Post-traumatic headache treatments also include massages, strengthening of the neck, and cervical traction.

Medications can also help, including anti-inflammatory medicines and tricyclic antidepressants. Some patients claim that receiving Botox injections to the frontals muscle and pother pericranial muscles can reduce post-traumatic headaches. If you received a TBI in a car accident, truck, accident, slip and fall accident, or any other incident and you are now suffering from post-traumatic headaches hire an attorney to see if you can seek compensation from the party-at-fault. With the right New York personal injury lawyer on your side, you may be able to get the financial payment that you need to cover all treatments associated with your headaches.