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Pit Bull Attack in Queens

The New York Daily News reports that a child was attacked on his way home from school when a pit bill approached him and attempted to seize his Burger King meal. Reports show that the violent dog tore into the little boy’s leg and refused to let go until a bystander walked up and attacked the dog with a metal pipe. Police sources report that the boy was holding a bag with two Burger King kids’ meals inside and was near the corner of 140th Avenue in Rochdale, Queens, New York when the pit bull attack took place. An owner was walking the dog when it broke free, yanking it’s leash out of the owner’s hands. Witnesses say that the pit bull launched at the little boy and latched onto his leg, drawing blood. A nearby witness says that the little boy would not stop screaming as he suffered the pain of the dog bite.

The dog’s owner defended the animal when a witness started beating the animal with a pipe to try and remove it from its victim. Supposedly the owner laid on top of the animal as witnesses tried to beat it off of the little boy. The boy was taken to a hospital where he is now in stable condition. Pit bulls are considered one of the most dangerous dog breeds and oftentimes these dogs can cause serious injury and suffering. In most circumstances, an owner is held responsible for a dog attack. If you have been injured or your child was attacked by a dog like this one, then you can contact the animal’s owner and seek reimbursement for medical bills, pain and suffering, and any other damages. Talk to a New York personal injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein today if you have a dog attack case that you would like to pursue.