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Parents File Claim on Behalf of Girl Run Over During the Asiana Flight

The Asiana plane crash in San Francisco was a headliner on the news when the accident happened on July 8th of 2013. Now, over half a year later, the family of the girl run over during the Asiana flight is suing Asiana Airlines. The parents of a 16-year-old teen that fell out of the plane are suing responsible parties. This particular teenager was run over by emergency vehicles heading to the scene of the crash. Instead of helping the teen, she was pummeled by vehicles and did not survive the wreck.

Now, the grieving parents say that the firefighters who say the teen should have examined her and moved her somewhere safe. The firefighters who responded to the crash claim that they assumed the teenager was dead and hurried towards the damaged aircraft to rescue those that survived the accident.

Yet an autopsy revealed that the 16-year-old died after the vehicles hit her. With proper medical treatment, the teenager could have survived the tragic plane crash in San Francisco. Some suspect that the teenager escaped the burning plane when she was pulled out by rescuers. She was covered with foam and the autopsy reveals that she was struck twice. A fire rig spraying foam rolled over the girl and later another truck that was turning around to get water rolled over her again.

Her parents have listed at least 37 specific police department, fire department, and airport employees and they claim that these individuals breached their duty of care and are responsible for taking this teenagers’ life. Only three teenagers out of the 307 passengers on the plane died in the incident. One was this teenaged girl, another was a teen that died in the crash, and a last victim died in a hospital from injuries. Plane crashes are very serious, and if you were injured or lost a loved one in an accident don’t hesitate to hire a New York personal injury attorney to assist you in seeking compensation. Hire Greenberg & Stein today to learn more!