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NYPD Disciplinary Actions Stats

Matters of misconduct are nothing to take lightly. Every year, New York City officials release statistics based on disciplinary charges and ensuing actions regarding uniformed members of the service (UMOS) under the New York City Police Department. This infographic will cover important findings from the 2019 report.

Does Experience on the Job Make a Difference?

You might assume police officers and other uniformed members of service are far less likely to see disciplinary action once they’ve had a few years on the force. However, 50.2% of law enforcement who faced disciplinary charges in 2019 had served between six and 15 years and 13.3% of UMOS had served for over 20 years.

What’s more, of the UMOS who were found guilty or who pleaded guilty of their disciplinary charges, 74% had at least one other disciplinary charge in their history. While this stat doesn’t account for the officers who cleaned up their act, it does show that NYPD is likely to see the same faces in need of disciplinary measures each year.

Who Was Punished and to What Extent?

Overall, far more UMOS were charged than were actually penalized for disciplinary and legal violations.

-Of the 18 officers that were charged with unlawful or criminal conduct in 2019, only two were dismissed from their position and five were penalized with dismissal probation and penalty days.

-Of the 23 public-involved misconduct charges against UMOS, 17 officers were found guilty or pleaded guilty and all 17 cases result in a penalty day. No officers were dismissed or put on probation for misconduct involving public interaction.

-The most common form of penalties experienced by violating officers was a penalty day, which was enforced on 62% of the 322 UMOS who pleaded guilty or were found guilty. The second most form of penalty for UMOS was dismissal probation at 29% of guilty officers. About 3% of guilty officers were dismissed from duty and roughly 5% were given a forced separation.

Comparing 2018 NYPD Disciplinary Stats to 2019 NYPD Disciplinary Stats

-Total number of disciplinary charges in 2018: 303

-Total number of disciplinary charges in 2019: 339

An increase of nearly 12%

-The most common disciplinary charges related to department rule violations, accounting for over 50% of UMOS charges in 2018 and 2019.

-3.6% of charged officers were dismissed in 2018, a percentage that decreased in 2019 with 2.9% of charged officers dismissed.

Are You a Victim of Police Misconduct? 

While most police officers serve New York City diligently and with grace, there are some who violate department policies and the law and, consequently, abuse the rights of civilians. If you or a loved one believe you have experienced police misconduct, connect with the office of Greenberg & Stein as soon as possible. 

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