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NY Must Pass Laverne’s Law

New York is known as the most progressive state in the union when it comes to consumer/patient protection.  However, it is surprisingly one of only six states that prevents a person who only finds out that they’ve been injured by medical negligence after the time to bring the case has past from bringing the lawsuit.  For example, if a woman has a mammogram or pap smear and the doctor tells the patient everything is fine, come back in 3 years (which is the standard of care for a pap smear) but the doctor was wrong and 3 years later, the woman returns only to find out she has cancer and had it 3 years ago when the first pap smear was done, that woman cannot sue (the statute of limitations is only 2.5 years).  This is fundamentally unfair.  The patient followed the doctor’s instructions, did what she was told, and now she can’t be compensated for shortened, likely painful, life that she now will have.  We all know timing is of the essence when cancer is diagnosed.  Losing 3 years of treatment greatly reduces the likelihood that you can be treated and survive.  Laverne’s Law would help to give these victims and their families some solace.  NY needs to pass Laverne’s Law.  Read about it more here: