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Medical Malpractice Case: OBGYN Scorches Patient With Laser

A patient came to her OBGYN seeking laser liposuction but was scorched by the laser when the doctor failed to work it correctly. The OBGYN is stationed in Upper Manhattan. Allegedly, he burned his patient during the procedure and then tried to stop her from going to a hospital to get treated for the severe third-degree burns.

The doctor was found liable for the accident last month by a Bronx judge in the medical malpractice suit following the incident. The 26-year-old patient was severely scarred and deformed after the $8,000 procedure. She claims that they underwent the procedure to remove some of the weight that she had gained when pregnant with her child. A lawyer who is representing the plaintiff in the case is now calling for the doctor’s license to be revoked. The attorney says that the doctor was aware that he was making a mistake when working on the patient procedure and chose to lie and cover up his errors.

The doctor performed the minimally invasive procedure on the woman back in December 2011, only three months after she had given birth. The laser liposuction is typically seen as a no-risk easy procedure and the machines used to perform the process are normally sold to any doctor with a medical license. Medical papers show that the doctor who performed the procedure was interrupted at least once during the failed surgery to pay for a Chinese food delivery.

When the procedure was completed, the doctor bandaged his patient and sent her home with medication but she came back to the office the next day complaining of pain. She also had swelling in her stomach and lower back. The doctor claimed that the pain was normal, and gave the victim a cream to apply to the wounds twice a day. She later passed out from the excruciating pain and was rushed to a hospital. The woman eventually had to undergo skin grafting for her injuries. If you want more information about medical malpractice case you can hire a New York personal injury lawyer to assist you in your case today!