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Loose Seats Compel an Emergency Plane Landing

An American Airlines plane was forced to compel an emergency plane landing after an entire row of seats were shaken loose. This is the second accident of its kind to happen within the past three days. Witnesses stated that the entire row of seats flipped backward, causing the victims to land in the laps of the passengers behind them. Pilots are stating that they have never heard of this type of thing happening before, and now American Airlines is dealing with a repeat accident. The plane was en route to Miami from New York when the incident occurred, leaving many people wondering: is this sabotage or sloppiness?

Currently, American Airlines is in the midst of a labor dispute with some of their employees, including maintenance workers. In the recent past, the airline experienced a 97 percent increase in the amount of time it took for repairs. They claim that this was due to the labor strike, but this time is different. The airline states that in no way do they believe that bitter maintenance workers deliberately loosened the seats as an act of malice against their employer.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently keeping a close eye on this situation. It was also discovered that the seats that came completely loose were not the only ones affected. An investigation proved that multiple rows of seats on American Airline 757s were coming loose, leading them to believe that there may be an issue with how this particular type of seat fits into the plane’s tracking. This incident could mean serious losses for the airline, since many organizations are warning citizens to book with another airline until the kinks get worked out. Any passengers injured or even emotionally traumatized by the incident may potentially have a claim against the airline.