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How to Write a School Accident Report?

School Accident Reporting Guide
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Accident Report at School

When parents drop their children off at school, they essentially entrust their children’s safety to the school system. It is critical for both schools and parents to understand that doing all possible to safeguard the safety of children on school grounds is critical. However, we must realize that it is impossible to prevent accidents from occurring. Fortunately, the majority of school-related accidents are minor; but, there are situations where pupils receive significant injuries. Schools are required to write an accident school report regardless of the severity of the injury. Here is a list of the most important pieces of information that a school report must include. 

Get the facts

The child’s name and address:

Every school report must include this information for authorities to identify the child involved. Providing the address is essential for locating the child’s parents if needed.

The incident’s date and time:

It is critical to report the date and time of the accident in order to comprehend the circumstances. For example, if the accident happened during a break, authorities should look into whether or not there was a lack of supervision.

The type of injury:

Schools must disclose as much information on the injury as feasible. Remember to meticulously document even minor injuries.

Include specifics on any therapy or first aid administered:

The injured child likely received transportation to the nursery initially, where staff administered medication or therapy. Documenting this ensures authorities can verify the school’s adherence to safety requirements.

Witnesses, if any:

If there were witnesses at the time of the accident, it is critical to collect a documented description of what happened. If the incident becomes more serious and results in a lawsuit, having a documented statement from a witness could help clarify the case.

Person who attended to the injury’s name and signature:

This is necessary since it serves as verification that this person confirms that some of the report’s most significant facts are correct.

Provide the name and signature of the individual who received the accident report:

In the same way as in the last situation, this individual certifies that the information on the report is correct.

Parent’s signature:

Finally, it’s essential for this signature to demonstrate that the parents or guardians of the minor were duly notified about the accident.

The Incident’s Timeline

Every accident report must contain a timeline of events. Thoroughly document all significant occurrences leading up to the incident, as this is crucial for contextualizing the event. Such documentation aids authorities in addressing commonly asked questions during accident investigations, such as the student’s activities before the accident, their location, the presence of school personnel, and whether the accident stemmed from a school-sponsored activity or sport, among other pertinent details.

The following section should precisely detail the circumstances surrounding the accident, including who or what caused the injury, whether it was intentional, if it occurred during a sporting activity, immediate actions taken, and the student’s condition post-event. These specifics are essential for assessing the adequacy of school safety measures, the promptness of staff response, and the severity of the injury.

Finally, the timeline must include information about what happened in the hours following the accident. Note whether the student was taken to the nursery or directly to a hospital. Document any treatment or medication administered by the school, along with details of the medications given.And the student’s condition throughout the next few hours.

Examine the accident’s causes

Schools must thoroughly analyze the reasons for the accidents and take quick steps to prevent a recurrence of the scenario. For instance, if inadequate maintenance of the school grounds caused the accident, the institution must rectify any safety hazards promptly and conduct regular inspections to prevent future incidents. In cases involving another student, it’s crucial to investigate and address any history of violent behavior exhibited by the students involved. Additionally, insufficient supervision can contribute to accidents, necessitating schools to assign an adequate number of teachers for student supervision, ensuring their safety.

When Is it Appropriate to Submit a School Accident Report?

Submit School accidents reports promptly. It is clear that some of the information required to put up a good, consistent report may require a significant amount of time to gather. However, submitting a report in the least amount of time is beneficial for all parties. 

What other details should the school accident report include?

The school accident report should include anything that can provide more information about the accident, the reasons, and the damages. If injury during field trip, include parental permission. Additionally, include photographs or videos depicting the moment of the accident in the report.For bullying incidents, add social media evidence.

New York Law for School Accident Report

New York Law requires schools to fill and send a form called “Comprehensive Injury Report”. This form must be submitted to the superintendent’s office of the corresponding district in less than 24 hours after the accident. This document has 3 different sections and all of them must be completed. 

  • Fact Sheet: Collects maximum case and involved people info.
  • Injury Description: As the name suggests, this section requires detailed information regarding the injury.
  • Witness Statement: All witnesses must complete this section, describing the nature, time, and location of the accident. Witnesses are required to provide statements based on their personal observations and experiences.

If the student’s injury resulted from a vehicle collision, the school must complete form MV-104F. This form is applicable only under the following conditions:

  • The vehicle or bus must transport pupils, teachers, or school staff.
  • The vehicle must be property of the school or directly contracted by the school. 

Submit within 10 days if accident causes death, injury, or damages over $1000.

School Injury Lawyer

When a student gets injured at school, it’s natural for parents or guardians to seek justice. However, obtaining compensation, especially in public schools, can be challenging. Yet, it’s not impossible. Success requires professional assistance. A seasoned school injury lawyer significantly enhances the chances of receiving compensation for your child’s damages. At Greenberg & Stein P.C., we boast some of the most experienced and successful lawyers in this field. Our attorneys have represented numerous clients, securing fair compensation for them. They’ll adeptly guide you through the claims process, providing support at every step. Schedule a free case consultation with one of our attorneys by calling 212-969-2535. Let’s discuss your case and chart the best course of action together.