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How Much Do You Know About Underride Truck Accidents?

Underride truck accidents are one of the most deadly types of commercial truck accidents. These accidents take place when a vehicle is forced underneath the tractor of a semi-truck or commercial truck. Underride accidents can occur between two passenger vehicles, but more commonly take place between a large truck and a passenger vehicle. More than any other type of truck accident, underride accidents tend to result in the greatest risk of injury and fatality for the drivers and passengers involved. In fact, the occupants of passenger vehicles account for 94% of deaths that result from underride accidents.

The potential for injury and fatality in underride accidents is so high because the top of the passenger vehicle can be smashed inward or ripped off entirely when it is forced underneath the trailer. In order to reduce the risk of underride accidents, many 18-wheelers and commercial trucks have underride guards installed on the front, side and rear of the vehicle in order to prevent other cars from being forced under the trailer. Federal regulations have required semi-trailers to install an underride guard on the back since the 1950s, but unfortunately most of these underride guards have been deemed ineffective in low-speed crashes.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently evaluated the effectiveness of underride guards that were mandated by federal law; the research revealed that serious underride accidents and fatalities still occur. The performance of underride guards varies significantly between manufacturers who produce these guards. It is also one of the primary factors that will be attended to when you are represented by a New York City truck accident lawyer at the law offices of Greenberg & Stein, P.C.

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